Lala Kent on "Vanderpump Rules"

Watch Lala Kent Say, Surviving on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Requires Balls (VIDEO)

The Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz wedding day is finally here, tonight on “Vanderpump Rules”. On the episode “Taco Tuesday, Wedding Wednesday”, the gang’s all there, including the arrival of Tom’s brothers as a big surprise.

The surprise is that Jax, who helped pay to get them there, was outraged when the brothers missed their first flight. Jax, a man who ends a fun holiday in Hawaii by getting arrested, holding up the whole group, has got gall. But, then again, he never sees flaws in himself that he easily points out in others.

The few that aren’t at the site of the wedding include James Kennedy and Lala Kent, for obvious reasons. Lala made her way back on camera in recent weeks, to give a heartfelt apology to Lisa Vanderpump for disappearing from her job without notice, and being gone for weeks.┬áHer other intention was to face Ariana and apologize for being a no-show for her birthday trip, after her expenses had been paid by others.

She allowed herself to be vulnerable with Lisa, admitting a bad habit of hers. That would be that she bolts from conflict and when she’s made to feel under fire. She’s still talking about the war of words between her, and the Katie-Scheana-Kristin-Stassi pack over rumors about an affair with a married man.

In the very revealing video clip below, Kent goes on the record about what it takes to remain on “Vanderpump Rules”. She spoke about how it felt to be faced with the cast in the reunion show that will follow the end of the season.

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