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TGIT Recap: Abby, Huck Shockers On ‘Scandal’; Meredith Caves To Riggs on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

The latest TGIT gave us progress on both “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy”, although it might not be the kind we like. On Grey’s Amelia and Owen finally had their blowout about her living apart from him, while Riggs broke through Meredith’s defenses. There was also some softening of the Dr. Webber vs. Arizona and Bailey mess and DeLuca admitted he’s hot for Jo. But, let’s get to the meat of it.

Two cases of the night look like they’re ending badly. Maggie’s mom came back for her mastectomy, still keeping the truth from her daughter, until Jackson couldn’t stand it any longer. Maggie sweated through the operation, boiling over about being in the dark until that moment, regretting shade thrown at her mother for what she thought was a frivolous “boob job”. ¬†From the looks of it, Pierce’s mother is sicker than all thought.

Amelia was back at the hospital and got into it with her husband. She clumsily argued for a marriage without children, coming close to admitting the truth to Owen about the baby she lost. But, of course, she didn’t and then got in his face when he demanded a timetable for her to decide. She shouted that he was “suffocating” her, and brought up Cristina Yang, wondering if she would admit that Owen did the same to her.

She was emboldened after performing a tricky brain procedure on a 95 year-old woman, who fell while out with her husband. He was a surgeon of some note, back in the day, and everyone was in awe, particularly Stephanie Edwards. The couple married 60 years ago and the advice that came from them seemed to influence both Owen and Amelia. The woman decided her own fate by asking for the procedure over her husband’ protests. If she didn’t have it she could die soon, and if she had it she could get more time with her husband or die on the table. She lived through the operation only to die hours later with her husband at her side.

Riggs finally made his pitch to Meredith about how much he cared for her. She demanded reasons for her to believe him. She got the “when I first saw you”, speech, with him getting all sweet and romantic. It worked because Meredith calmly said, “Invite me out to dinner”. That was that. Yet…before the dinner date happened we saw in the sneak peek of next week’s show, that Maggie goes crying to Meredith about her mom being really sick. Will that put off the dinner date?

On “Scandal” we made it past Olivia Pope demanding that someone kill Papa Pope, but it might have cost us one of the beloved characters on the show. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD, so don’t complain if you can’t help but scroll down!

In “A Traitor Among Us”, Huck went from robotically following Olivia’s orders to put down her father to bonding with Rowan. Say what? The episode should have been titled, “The only punch that counts is the one you don’t see coming”, as Meg (supposedly Jennifer Fields’ best friend) reminded Huck while they were sparring in a ring. No one saw it coming, and we left Huck writhing on the floor after getting a few bullets pumped into his chest care of Meg.

Olivia insisted Huck put down her father after learning of the Frankie Vargas assassination. Huck followed orders, until the silver-tongued Papa Pope got him to believe that Olivia was in danger from someone close to her. Rowan convinced him that he was someone’s puppet now, not Command, because this shady woman had him on a string. If he doesn’t do as she asks, Olivia will be killed, and it will be immediate. Presumably that meant that someone in her inner circle is a traitor and will do the deed if Rowan doesn’t follow any order he’s given.

Huck became a believer and tried with all his might to change Olivia’s mind. The debate raged about whether or not people can truly change, particularly someone like Rowan. Huck suspected Jake, then Quinn because of her relationship with Charlie. Meanwhile Meg worked her charm and Huck was all-in with her. When Quinn turned the tables on Huck, asking why he trusted Meg, she reminded him about how Becky played him. Huck went to see Becky who told him the truth. He falls for damsels in distress and falls hard.

Back he went to Meg, threatening to kill her in a nasty way until she did what Becky did: took all his instincts and played him. He even agreed to have her meet with Olivia after Meg thought it was only right that her bestie’s murder should be investigated the way Vargas’ is. Of course, Jennifer is alive, as we all know from last week’s big reveal.

After Meg worked her magic and Olivia showed up, Meg learned her friend was alive. She begged to see her, and this time it wasn’t only Huck who got played. With all her might Olivia had resisted Huck’s pleas to believe him about her father. Asked to bury Papa Pope’s former love (the body was retrieved and in a car trunk….don’t ask!) Huck found a device in her skull that somehow had video files. The final moments of the lover’s life were played out on a screen in front of Liv and Huck, including the threats against Eli.

When Olivia asked Meg to forgive Huck, and Huck pleaded for with her to do the same, the next thing we knew was that Meg and Huck were in the presence of Jennifer. Yeah, boom, down went Jennifer, then Huck. The final twist came when we learned that Abby was somehow behind the whole Eli setup. That should mean that she set in motion the plot to kill Vargas…I guess. Does she want Mellie in the White House that badly? Since when does she help Olivia rise to power again? Oh yeah, and why did the dead woman have that device in her head? Just who was SHE working for?

ABC airs “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal”, Thursdays beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image: courtesy of ABC Networks.

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