Mega Race on Discovery. Fast N' Loud vs. Street Outlaws, Monday March 27

Mega Race Preview: Don’t Forget To Vote, Rawlings & Kaufman vs. AZN, Farmtruck & Big Chief (Sneak Peek)

UPDATED: deleted scenes from Mega Race, tonight on “Street Outlaws”

We’re 24 hours and counting from the Mega Race. The “Fast N’ Loud” crew vs. “Street Outlaws” in what’s called the ultimate street race. It certainly is the ultimate in throwing challenges at each other and testosterone levels are off the charts.

Who started this whole Mega Race thing? The Gas Monkey guys, of course. Here’s a quick clip of the crews facing off, and assuring us all that this isn’t just for the cameras. Frankly, it’s hard to care whether or not it is, because if not for the cameras we wouldn’t be waiting breathlessly for Monday March 27 at 9 p.m. on Discovery. Have you voted yet? Well get over to and pick your poison for the drag race and the skills challenge.

Mega Race went down in Southern California and in the next clip, AZN and Farmtruck give us the barest of sneak peeks inside one of the vehicles. That’s when Farmtruck informs us that there’s enough nitrous in the back to “….send AZN into the next time zone”, so there’s that.

Mega Race fans will see the usual cautions before any of the action begins. You know, like the guys have been doing this for decades and even with that, the racing on camera is done in a controlled environment with “safety protocols” in place. For those that prefer plain speaking, the guys let you know: “Just because we’re dumbasses, don’t mean that you can be too, So don’t do any of this —- at home”.

Way to spoil someone’s dream.

There’s love among the guys on “Street Outlaws”. Big Chief got a trip down memory lane after Shawn a/k/a Murder Nova tricked out the front end of the Chief’s racer to make it like the original. He contacted the original people who built it. It does conjure up memories forĀ Big Chief and they involve the time he spent with everyone, working on it, then the races he ran with what he dubbed “The Crow”. Notice that in the clip below, Chief goes in for the hug, and Murder Nova reluctantly agrees. Too much emotion for one garage?

Mega Race special airs Monday night March 27 beginning at 9 p.m. on Discovery. Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permissionĀ 

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