Dr, Now talks with Steven and his father, on "My 600 Lb. Life"

‘My 600 Lb. Life”: Get Ready To Be Angry At Brothers Steven and Justin’s Story (SNEAK PEEK)

Updated recap of part 2 PLUS List of Steven’s most outrageous moments

“My 600 Lb. Life” has a two-part story to tell, with the first airing Wednesday March 29 on TLC. It’s a tale of brothers, six years apart in age and 200 lbs. apart in weight. Steven Assanti, the older one at 33 years-old weighs in at 730 lbs. while Justin Assanti, 27 is 604 lbs. They can’t help each other, and in some ways, they hurt each other.  RECAP of Part I posted below!

In the sneak peek video posted below, get ready to get angry right away. It’s difficult to know who is a sympathetic character in this installment of “My 600 Lb. Life”. The brothers’ dad has undertaken the long trip from Rhode Island to Houston, Texas after Dr. Nowzaradan agreed to see his sons. Is he being a loving father? Maybe, except that he was one of the factors in his boys reaching their respective sizes.

Yes, one of their enablers is their dad who had what is called a violent temper. Mixed with his wife’s alcoholism. there was abuse, tension and anger at play from the time the boys were young. The result, as we’ve seen often, was the kids turning to food and never turning back. Perhaps out of love, mixed with guilt, Justin and Steven live with their dad and have grown used to getting their way, by manipulating those around them.

Justin shuts down and refuses to cooperate with simple demands, while Steven channels his father’s anger. That was very evident on the trip in the medical RV. Steven demanded food every 100 miles or so, making the trip longer because of the stops. It took 35 hours to get to Houston and by the time they arrived, Steven got checked into a hospital . Justin, the one who shuts down, chose to return home to try weight loss on his own.

Left alone in Houston, Steven learned how to lie and keep things from Dr. Now. Once released, he went to other hospitals to shop around for medical advice and for pain pills. Believe it or not, he created havoc that traveledback to Rhode Island, as enabler daddy kept giving in to Steven. In turn, Justin was unable to make progress, complaining about his brother.

What in the world are we in for? A two-parter like no other in the history of “My 600 Lb. Life”


One word comes to mind for the recap: wow! Where do you begin to pick this apart? A food addiction treatment plan turned into a drug treatment program. How will Steven tolerate going cold turkey off his pain meds? Depending on what kind of detox/rehab it is, he might not be able to get care packages of pizza.

Let’s start with Mr. Assanti, father of these two boys. He sure talks tough, with the gruff manner of a blue collar guy from the east coast. Yet, he got beaten down early and decided to give in to demands from his sons.

When you see families who enable one member of the group it’s one thing, but Mr. Assanti watched as his younger son Justin got on the same unhealthy track as Steven. It seemed that he was so grateful that Justin didn’t drive him crazy that he just ignored it. You can’t dismiss the possibility that Justin siding with his father about Steven got the 27 year-old a hall pass.

The most egregious example of how their father ended up sabotaging their efforts to lose weight is the pizza deliveries paid for from Rhode Island for delivery to an apartment in Texas. After son Steven was tossed out of the hospital for bad behavior, he was more than 100 lbs. lighter.

You knew that sending him away with the ability to call for take-out was bound to fail and it did. Despite a home health aide named Princess, who by the way, was a voice of sanity and reason, who counted Steven’s calories and provided the right kind of food, Steven put back 83 of those 100 lbs. by the next time he saw Dr. Now.

It was all about Daddy giving in after nagging phone calls and verbal abuse. Hello pizza shop: send by a large cheese and pepperoni please? Thanks. That got rid of Steven’s voice for that moment and Mr. Assanti could return to whatever the heck he does all day. Justin was making no progress right under his father’s nose, but as noted above, he was allowed to do it because he didn’t make a scene.

The bullying dynamic between the brothers was hard to watch. Justin got checked into the hospital alongside Steven when they arrived after a days-long trip from Rhode Island. If his tests didn’t look good, Dr. Now would have kept him, but since things were normal, other than the entire relationship between these three men, he let Justin go.

Justin couldn’t get away from Steve fast enough and only when forced to say farewell to his brother did he do so. Back home it looks like he makes models and plays with them, saying how busy he is that sticking to the Dr. Now eating plan wasn’t possible. Besides, as he noted, he didn’t think he was gaining. It was his brother that had the weight problem.

Steven’s vulnerability when left alone couldn’t be tolerated and he just brought the hammer down on the hospital staff. Good for Dr. Now for kicking him out, knowing it wasn’t the best solution for Steven’s health. The young man got Princess to babysit, but she didn’t take his phone away and a pizza delivery was only a call away thanks to his father providing the credit card expense.

Next up, drug rebab…

“My 600 Lb. Life” airs Wednesdays on TLC, beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission

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33 thoughts on “‘My 600 Lb. Life”: Get Ready To Be Angry At Brothers Steven and Justin’s Story (SNEAK PEEK)

  1. 600 lb life this year seems to focus on useless people who really do not want help, what is going on, cannot stand watching these people, very depressing.

  2. I was speechless watching this episode. There’s just too many things wrong. Not sure I’ve seen someone so mean, for a kid (actually a 33 year old adult), to refuse his Father ONE piece of pizza, especially since the Father bought the pizza?? All while flipping him off..? Really messed up. Very sad situation.

  3. Perfect examples of 2 kids, who while previously abused, developed a great system of over indulgence, codling, self serving pathetic, whining, demanding and obnoxious abuse of everyone who tries to help. These ‘boys’ dont care if they live or die. they only want what they want when they want it and will go to any lengths to attain that. They dont deserve the attention and good intentions of those around them. They are excessively indulged bullies and should be left alone. I wont watch any more about them.

  4. The father is a wuss. He should have just walked over to the bed and TAKEN a slice of pizza. What could Steven have done? Over and over again there was reference to dad buying him the pizzas. Dad needs to grow some balls. Is this the man who bullied Steven when he was growing up? I doubt it. Where was he when the mother kept shoving food in their faces? Dad was even buying him pizzas remotely via smartphone. What a sorry ass lower the dad is. By the time these people get bedridden, a lot of the blame should get shifted to the enabler, and the dad was a total enabler, a grouchy, mindless POS who allows his virtually paralyzed son to control him.

    Let’s go back in time. The man was stupid enough to stay married for eleven years to the alcoholic POS mother. It took him eleven years to realize he should divorce that heartless bitc/h? Then she gets full custody? What a spineless little mouse dad is, not even fighting in court for his sons.

    Where was he while they were being neglected and abused by the mother? He could have been the hero in their life, and instead he’s the failure, directly responsible for how they turned out. POS

  5. Dump this whales a$$…..The other brother has the same ego. The father enables both. Why does this show waste time on people like this… Disgusting ! !

  6. I was in shock. These two brothers need intense psycho therapy, as well as the father. I don’t see any desire of either one to better their lives, I don’t think I will ever eat pizza again !! They both will die young, Steven first. He’s not right mentally, and I don’t think he has the mentality to help himself. Sad, I don’t see a good outcome for either brother.

  7. I watched this show and it is a good thing that Steven is bedridden because if he should ever be able to get up and around by himself this guy is going to be BAD NEWS! Sly,lying,manipulative,ABUSIVE,and a potential rapist,stalker if he should ever get the opportunity. ~shudder!~ . The nasty little smile,the lying to people’s faces and then ,when alone with the cameras, the smirking and the arrogant attitude that he pulled something over on them. This is one evil man! This man could be a very dangerous guy if he was ever able to lose weight and get out .I get a very , very bad feeling about him and just watching this guy made my skin crawl-he does not seem to have a soul, he has no warmth in his eyes, just lifeless black stones. He is a user and an abuser,and he really needs to “move on” into the next life. Steven, PLEASE do us all a favor ,stay the girth you are so you can not move around and so we know where you are all the time,.Keep up the good work with the 10 pizzas a day and the pain killers and maybe you will move on to Greener Pastures soon! One can only hope! ~UGH!~

    • But something also has to be said for the idiots who are stupid enough to be taken by him. I mean, come on, when he cons people into getting him his “first” breakfast when he’s already have one or two, can’t these idiots SMELL the fastfood on him from the previous breakfast? He’s eating fastfood breakfast in the transport van. The smell will linger good and hard. He asks for breakfast, and those getting it for him CAN’T SMELL the previous breakfast? Jeez, just a single McMuffin will smell up an entire room.

      And then the other ways he cons people–it can only be done if they’re stupid and weak enough to fall for it. He knows who the nitwits are. And one’s his father.

      I did a little digging on Steve Assanti, and would you believe, he has 5,000 Facebook friends? How does someone this obnoxious and disturbed get 5,000 friends? I’m sure he’s met NONE of them in person, but still, it’s mind blowing.

      • Erreeana, we edited out the email address. Unless it comes directly from the person, who owns it, or with express permission to publish it, we won’t do it. Just fyi

    • My thoughts exactly ! I find this guy scary. I also get a gay vibe from him. Anyway, given what we know of him so far I do not believe he really wants to change..he’s enjoying the limelight and I suspect he will fail at the weight loss program and die. Soon.

  8. It’s a shame this show has become so Hollywood. They’re all acting to make a controversial story. It’s always the same, abused as a child, enabling parents, cramming their face full of french fries and pizza, refusal to follow the program and then at last a turn around. I used to enjoy watching 600lb before it got stupid crazy.

    • You’re correct on a few of the points. You have to wonder what in god’s name could make someone like this. ONLY an abusive childhood and enabling parents could do this. Nothing else. Though sometimes the enabler is a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend. But eating like this is a mental disorder, and it can only result from childhood trauma. We’re not talking about someone who’s 50 lbs overweight because they just love their Italian food or they frequently go to family get-togethers with lots of home cooking.

      I would find this show very UNREALISTIC if they all had normal childhoods, but it’s easy to believe that molestation and abandonment come up a lot.

      The one thing that gets me though is that every single case, they say, “I’m afraid the doctor won’t want to treat me,” and they say this before they see the doctor, even though there’s been several years’ worth of episodes showing exactly how Dr. Now handles these cases at the beginning.

      I’m wondering if that’s all scripted or if it’s because all these cases were done the first year the show came out, which would mean none of the patients ever saw any episodes. But that theory is blown because Steven saw Dr. Now in 2015. The show has a two-year airing delay.

  9. I wish Dr. Now would focus on people who sincerely want help…these people are a waste of time and resources. But I guess they get better ratings for the show…

  10. I want to know who foots the bill for the transportation from RI, trips to the hospital, housing, etc., for the person who admits he only does what he wants. He is not interested in any behavior changes to save his life.

  11. These guys are good people. Dr. Now is the selfish SOB, not giving them the cure they deserve. Justin doesn’t even need it. He’s getting around just fine and you can hardly even tell he is overweight. His flat hat, long hair, full thick beard and large shirt hides his slight weight problem completely. Also, he is exercising by playing with his remote control model car. Did you see that thing go? I bet he burns a lot of calories doing that. And so what if he plays video games all day, at least he is sitting up which strengthens his core. Plus, he is only 600. Steven needs the help being 700. Justin has a strong heart, the hospital proved it in testing. Dr. Now just wanted to bill extra for Justin, offering him needless weight loss services. And Steven was a little mad, but wouldn’t you be mad if you couldn’t get good hospital help? And who the H turned that light on above him? What were they thinking??? That nurse should be fired. Everyone knows you can’t have too bright a light when using your ipad all day. Steven ordered a few pizzas every day, so what? Cheese has protein in it and the tomato sauce is a good source of vitamins. And maybe he needs some drugs to get by. Why can’t they just shoot him full of heroin or some narcotic and then keep a close eye on him? I’ll bet everyone reading this has some drug they take even if it is caffeine. How would you like being kicked out of a hospital for drinking coffee? That’s practically what Dr. Now did. When Steven cried and asked for a second chance he was cut off without mercy. That was very cold of Dr. Now. Wasn’t Now ever given a second chance by someone for an honest mistake? And why can’t Dr. Now cut off the extra bulges on his leg like he did with the lady last week? Maybe he won’t even need a bypass. She didn’t. And the dad, wow. He needs to just give Steven a credit card with a large limit so he can order his own pizzas. Steven is a man of 33, not a little boy who needs someone to order for him. Maybe in part 2 everyone will see how right on Steven was and let him have the cure.

    Just kidding, of course. 🙂

  12. They both want someone to blame for their bad behavior. It is hard to walk away from someone you know needs help but these two do not truly want help, they just want someone to feel guilty.

  13. I too felt very very uncomfortable with Steven’s behavior. It struck my un-medical professional mind as…sociopathic. There is a level of manipulation and cunning in him that frightens me. I actually think Dr. Nowzaradan needs to simply walk away from this case, but I appreciate that’s not in his professional commitments. I would hate to see this guy around women. I also firmly believe that while our pasts certainly influence what we become and how we cope, there is enough individual “agency” if you will to stop/correct ourselves. With or without help.

    • LK, I am glad that someone else sees this man the way I do and it is not my imagination. Yes, this Steven frightens me a lot also and, as I said, THANK GOD he is not able to get near women. This is a potentially very very dangerous individual. Call this what you want-“women’s’ intuition”,”that little voice” but never ever dismiss feelings and warnings like this. This is a very loud bell ringing and people better take heed. Yes, “cunning”, “slyness”,”manipulation”,those words speak volumes.

  14. I dont understand how this fat pos runs everyones life, he can’t even move! I say let him rot, noone should help him let him figure it out. Let him cry and threaten…if noone cares or gives in then he has no power! Im so sick of watching these fat worthless people treating people who are trying to help them like crap…and people doing whatever they say when they cant even leave there bed its disgusting. Im all for those who try and get help i understand it’s an addiction, but people deal with things everyday and dont eat themselves to 800 pounds. There poor kids cant have a normal life they have to bath there overwieght parent. Like i said i do understand but its so selfish and i think some of there spouses choose to keep them that way so they can be there caretaker and not work because you see so many get upset when they do lose wieght. Its alot of time money and man power to get them to appt. And whatever they have to do. And to see people like steven or james k and others like them pisses me off ungrateful…let them fail and everyone should leave there side they are a waste of society and won’t change if people keep enableing them…you almost wish something bad would happen to them but i dont want that karma…to rant and rave and blantily say hey tax payers basically F-u it erks my soul cause i work so hard and so does my family and overtime so my kids have things and to be comfortable and these people sit in a bed for years and have enough nerve to feel people owe them. Bealieve me i do understand addiction very well but i say piss on those who dont want change…give the help to someone else!!!

  15. This story was so unbelievable, l struggle with being overweight. These two brothers is worst I have ever seen on the show, so disrespectful like who can you blame but yourself, these poor health workers and staff that have to deal with and clean up all mess, and he can’t even say Thank you… I pray for them, and I hope they get help mentally before physically.

  16. Oh God was Steven ever annoying. The nurses aren’t your slaves guy and you can film yourself screaming at them in order to call them cops but they won’t be getting arrested, you will be because they have the film to prove it. Also why isn’t there better protection for the health care workers? Anyway I honestly I felt bad for the brother and I wish they focused on him more. Since Justin seems like he could have the potential at getting his life back on track if he has the right support system but he doesn’t. He has a father that focuses way too much on his idiot brother and when he tries to speak up he gets shut down way to many times. I think he really needs the adult equivalent of a big brother in order to help him find his voice and then find the help he really needs.

  17. My thoughts on the Assantis are that these young men are little children in gigantic bodies. They’re both stunted maturity wise as evidenced by the outbursts and tantrums and using the people around them. Has either one ever held a job?
    Steven is not bedridden or immobile. When he wants to, he moves around quite well. He doesn’t need a nurse. He can take care of himself to some extent. The food, the drugs and the need for attention is a cry for help and a substitute for the love he’s craving.
    Justin maybe 600 lbs but he’s mobile and could easily hold a part-time job. He reverts inside himself because he’s immature and doesn’t want to deal with problems. Justin wants to live in his own little world.
    And does the father have a job? How can he afford to spend $300 every few weeks to feed Steven pizza? Or jump on a plane at a moment’s notice?
    All three of these men need therapy. I understand the father believes if he doesn’t do what Steven wants, Steven will call the police and accuse his father of abuse. Let Steven call the police then let social services take care of him. Also, I believe that Dad has a lot of quilt over his sons’ childhood. Well, it’s time to get passed all of that and move forward. It will be the best thing for all of them.

    • I have also wondered where all this money comes from! A large pie,with one topping ,here in Ct is about ,on the average,$13.00. This guy is sucking down 7 pies a day and that would be app $91.00 and that does NOT include a small tip for delivery. HOLY SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, throw in other food items,like soda,etc. The pizza alone must run close to $500 or more per month.That’s CRAZY!!!!! Good for the pizzerias But bad on the Assanti wallet!

  18. Steve made a video telling tax payers that WE are the stupid ones,etc as we pay for his food and his electronic devices,etc. He gloated about sticking us with the bill to take care of him.I would like to say this to him, and I KNOW he reads every word that is said about him.
    Well, Steven you can laugh at us all you want. Yes, we pay your bills and we basically support you and your antics,but, you see, that is all right. EYE am able to walk around,take a shower without assistance,get into my car and drive where ever I want and whenever I wish. I can prepare my own meals and that is AFTER I shop for my own food. I can date,marry and have sexual relations. I am my own person and I do not depend on anyone. I am independent and I do not have to rely on my children or grandchildren to take care of me.See, Steven, I HAVE my freedom and you do not know the meaning of the word. You are a prisoner within your own body ,confined ,probably, for the rest of your sorry life,and the only escape you will know is when you die. Do I feel sorry for you? No, I don’t. Pity? No. Disgust? Yes. It isn’t the weight, it is the attitude. You are abusive and scary, threatening,sly, manipulative,cunning,and a liar. IF you weighed 150 lbs you would still be the same way as a leopard does not change it’s spots. This is your character. So, belly up to the table, Steve-o ,see if you can down 10 pies a day and cut your loathsome life even shorter.

  19. Steven is a very, very mentally ill man & is in desperate need of psychiatric help. Borderline personality disorder with psychosis and perhaps sociopathic tendencies?? His weight issue can only be addressed once his other addictive behaviors are under some kind of control. I hope things turn positive for this family, however I do not see that happening…..

  20. Do you think either one if them, or both, have fetal alcohol syndrome? It wouldn’t surprise me considering that their mother was/is an alcoholic. Yes, they had a terrible childhood but after a while you have to take responsibility for yourself. You can’t just sit around and eat all day and say mommy or daddy abandoned me do I have to eat until I can’t get out of bed. I had a very tough childhood and yes I became very overweight but I am taking responsibility for that. I worked and supported myself. I sound self righteous but he really did disturb me.

  21. All the dumb dad has to do, to circumvent Steven’s threats of calling the police and accusing him of abuse if he doesn’t bring him pizza, is install a video camera trained on Steven’s bed 24/7.

    Then if Steven calls the police and claims abuse, all the cops have to do is view the footage sped up to see if dad is abusing Steven.

    But of course, this is too simple a solution for dad to come up with. Dad is worse of an enabler than James’ girlfriend Lisa. Those two should run off together and leave James and Steven as roommates.

  22. Just a note Steven aka John was on Dr Phil House when he was 24 yrs old and mobile but already morbidly obese . Same personality / different show

  23. This family is so dysfunctional and all need psychiatric help! As much as I think no one should be given up on you can’t help people when they don’t help themselves. Neither one of the grown men have any interest in helping themselves and the dad is an enabler for his own selfish mental illness. I think the efforts and money should be spent on people who are READY and WILLING to get help and without psychiatric help, these two are a lost cause.

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