Parker Schnable in "Gold Rush: Parker's Trail"

‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’ Premiere: Where’s He Going and Why? (SNEAK PEEK)

UPDATED with sneak peek of episode 2. Parker vs. Kara Ann over safety

“Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail” begins Friday, March 31 on Discovery. It’s a series that pushes Parker Schnable’s limits, this time without money-making as the ultimate measure of success. Survival trumps income on this trip, that mimics the 19th century prospectors’ 600 mile trek in the Klondike. It’s an ode to Grandpa Schnable and a tip of the cap to the 100,000 prospectors who began the trip in 1897, and the 70,000 who didn’t make it.

To make it more interesting, Schnable began as winter was setting in, following the long season of mining that pushed the calendar into November. Four adventurers, including Parker made the journey, all of whom are friends of his. Whether they remained so after it ended remains to be seen. There’s a link posted below to photos of the trickiest part of the trip, the Chilkoot Trail. Notice they were all taken in good weather, no snow in sight!

“Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail” features Rick Ness, Parker’s crew foreman, wildlife guide and rock truck fill-in Karla Ann and filmmaker James Levelle, who filmed while participating in the adventure. His camera isn’t the only one used to film shots for the show. We get aerial shots and there are body cameras as well. Check out the sneak peek video clip posted below.

In the lead up to the series premiere, Discovery aired “Before the Trail”, which introduced the members of the group and gave us a bit of background on the ground the Schnable group will cover. The iconic photos of prospectors climbing up the Klondike Trail were interspersed with sneak peeks of the foursome as they made their way.

After the adventure concluded, the gang got personal questions about their mates that were together around the clock for a month. Who snores loudest? Rick. Who farts the most: Karla Ann. Who stinks? Parker. who also took the worst bed head hair award. One question remains: what can Schnable ever do that will top this?

“Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail” begins Friday night on Discovery Channel at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Photos of Chilkoot Trail.

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