Todd Beasley and Whitney Thore on "My Big Fat Fabulous Life"

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Recap: On NYC Trip Todd Asks ‘When Is It About Me?’

UPDATED: Todd vs. Whitney part 2. Must she give up chance to please him?

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” brought us something that bordered on uncomfortable during the episode “Big Girl in the Big Apple”. Todd Beasley, the always dependable best friend and supporter, turned on Whitney Thore and it didn’t get smoothed over. It was a fascinating look at a true friendship that got tested and here’s hoping it doesn’t just miraculously get mended without us seeing the process.

Next week’s show takes on the very serious medical emergency for Babs. Social media fans of Whitney saw it happen in real time, and now we get to experience it as it occurred. Here’s thinking that it will ease the tension between Todd and Whitney as they both worry and pray for Babs’ recovery.

The story from last night’s “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” surrounded the reason for the NYC trip, and that was Todd’s longing to take a class with the Fitness Marshall, a workout guru both in-class and online. Todd went from fan boy euphoric to sick and vomiting. He was unable to get through the class and felt humiliated. What made it worse was the connection made between the guru and Whitney Thore.

She was picked to be in a music video being shot the next day in Central Park. It was about her energy and enthusiasm as a big girl who got her the invite, and that became a point of contention between Todd and Whitney. He was super jealous, and needed his best friend to spend the rest of the trip supporting him after what he considered an epic fail. Instead, Thore not only finished the class, but got chosen for something special.

Todd’s position was a simple one. It was “his” trip, and he invited Whitney to experience it with him. He expected they’d be by each other’s side throughout, and he wanted the kind of boost and support he gives her all the time. Todd did not want Whitney in the video, no matter how much it would do for her. In other words, “When is it every about me?”

Whitney’s arguments back were also simple. She doesn’t get chances like this ever, and as a fat girl, she’s generally overlooked for everything that she doesn’t create herself. It was the final day of the trip and they still had the rest of the afternoon and evening to play. She expected what she always gets from Todd and that is blind loyalty and love, no matter how he feels.

Who ya’ got in this fight?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life” airs Tuesdays on TLC beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: TLC, used with permission.

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2 thoughts on “‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Recap: On NYC Trip Todd Asks ‘When Is It About Me?’

  1. The immaturity and selfishness Todd showed on the NYC show was beyond belief. Whitney should find another ‘best friend’ because true friends are happy for their friend’s accomplishments — not condescending, jealous and childish.


  2. When do they ever quit whining? Whitney’s been condescending and childish all season long. It’s nice to see Todd follow in her footsteps.
    Just for the record, Whitney does get lots of opportunities in life, like… her own TV SHOW!

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