Dr. Michael Salzhauer nicknamed "Dr. Miami" on WE tv show "Dr. Miami"

‘Dr. Miami’ EXCLUSIVE: Actress’ Breast Reduction Too Much? (GRAPHIC Sneak Peek)

UPDATED: Sneak peek of vagina makeover on next show!

If you didn’t catch the premiere of “Dr. Miami” on WE tv, why not? The wild introduction to Dr. Michael Salzhauer dubbed Dr. Miami left viewers breathless. For those unfamiliar with the surgeon, check out the first episode preview.

The man is known for his flamboyant ways and creativity when sculpting bodies and faces to perfection, but it’s his social media presence that sets him apart. With permission of his patients, he streams surgeries, demystifying the process and explaining how and why it all happens. For week two he’s got two new patients teed up and waiting for us to see. Check out the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek posted below.

Part of the experience watching “Dr. Miami” is learning about the patient and why he or she landed in the surgeon’s office. It also entails getting to know the patient’s family member or besties who are part of the decision. Last week a Mommy Makeover (after-pregnancy restart of upper and lower body) induced a baby daddy to propose after nine years in the relationship.

This week, as you can see in the EXCLUSIVE clip below, a boyfriend walks out of the OR after viewing the downsized breasts on his actress girlfriend. That isn’t all he does. He whips off his surgical mask prior to leaving, exposing the patient. Who knows if the breach was that egregious, but Dr. Miami goes a little crazy.

The other case of the week brings an over-protective father into the office with his daughter. She’s had a sizable weight-loss and wants her body to reflect her new size. Her dad is anti-surgery, so will Dr. Miami’s over-the-top manner be an asset or a hindrance? Don’t forget to give love to the surgeon’s office staff, the backbone of the operation that keeps the Snapchat audience delighted.

“Dr. Miami” airs Friday nights on WE tv, beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT    Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission 

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