Lori Loughlin as Abigail and Erin Krakow as Elizabeth in "Courageous Hearts", episode 8 Season 4 "When Calls the Heart"

‘When Calls the Heart’ EXCLUSIVE: Watch Abigail Defy Wyatt’s Demand For Cafe $

Updated: Will Jack’s voice in the letter to Elizabeth be a good sign he’ll return? 

Season four of “When Calls the Heart” has already reached episode 8, titled “Courageous Hearts”. Jack is still away and for some reason, there’s been no letter or message from him to his fiancée Elizabeth. When she learns that Mounties have died in the Northern Territories, she turns to prayer for the fallen, and her beloved Jack.

His absence continues to worry #Hearties everywhere who are concerned that Hallmark Channel is setting them up for actor Daniel Lissing’s departure. There’s been much speculation about it, and fans of the network cite other examples of popular characters written out of other shows. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is mired in her schoolroom troubles with Ray Wyatt’s nephews.

Last week we heard Wyatt threaten her job again if she tried to get answers from about the children. Elizabeth discovered that their mother died and their father is away on business, so as she tends to do, Elizabeth took action. She sent a telegram to the boys’ dad, and has to deal with the fallout from that. Add that to her concern for Jack and it is a good thing she’s got Abigail by her side for support.

It’s in the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek below that we catch Abigail’s dilemma during “Courageous Hearts”. She is consumed by trying to keep the cafe open in the face of competition from the railroad’s commissary. Wyatt shows up to propose a business deal to Abigail, which is shady at best. Some might say it’s right out of the organized crime playbook. You know, payment by local businesses to the mob boss as “protection” to allow them to keep their doors open. Wyatt ends with a threat that you have to take seriously if you’ve seen what he’s willing to do to eliminate Bill Avery and A.J. Foster.

The episode continues the story of new guy Carson Shepherd and his back story. Frank squeezes it out of him. Also on tap are the romantic scenes between A.J. and Bill. Can the deputized sheriff fall for the sort-of criminal? Stay tuned…

“When Calls the Heart” airs Sundays on Hallmark Channel beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: Crown Media US, used with permission 


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5 thoughts on “‘When Calls the Heart’ EXCLUSIVE: Watch Abigail Defy Wyatt’s Demand For Cafe $

  1. Please let Jack come back. My husband was in navy gone 6 months at a time. He passed in 2000.i missed him so much when he went to sea

  2. Some characters do make a series. Jack is that character. Killing him off or replacing him will only kill the ratings for When calls the Heart. Nobobody can replace Jack. When a series or movie hit it with main characters the first time and get it right there are no replacing that chatacter and killing him off is not the answer . Hallmark will loose a lot of watchers. I will be 1 of them. We love Jack bring him home safe PLEASE!!!!!!

  3. This love story has been a long awaited one got Jack to commit to Elizabeth. She’s a strong woman- yes, & has been very guarded as Jack was to & scared to take the next step to soon. But their love for each other has grown greatly, & their feelings for each other are as deep as they they can be. They’re everything to each other & much more. This biggest part of this show was told of a town around their story of falling in love.They have been there to help each other thru struggles & happy times to. They were ready 4 the next step, it was they most beautiful romantic proposal ever. You can’t kill him off when they finally where we’ve been waiting 4 them to be & that’s 2Wed. Plus the town needs him to or there’ll be no Hope Valley. The railroad /Mr. Wyatt will extort money from all the small town businesses & no other Mountie will be able to stop him b/c its just another detail for them but its home to jack, his life where he & his soon to be wife will live together & where their friends live. It’ll take someone w/a real heart & a man who can fight the good fight back on his home front protecting his love & friends, as well as all their homes & the towns businesses along side his love & friends to keep what’s rightfully theirs, & kick the RR /Wyatt & Gowen out of their town for good. Then the wedding of Elizabeth & Jack can take place & the story continues as does their love. Please don’t take that from us. Thank you for hearing our thoughts, concerns & request.

  4. I love all of the characters on WCTH. But let’s face it, the magic of the series/story is Jack and Elizabeth’s romance and relationship.

    Elizabeth belongs with Jack. No matter how handsomr or charming a new romantic interest might be, he couldn’t take Jack’s place.

    Please don’t let us Hearties down.

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