Whitney Thore and Todd Beasley from "My Big Fat Fabulous LIfe"

‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Preview: Does Todd v. Whitney Take Back Seat To Babs’ Stroke?

UPDATED: Todd vs. Whitney part two. Must she stay home to please him?

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” returns tonight, Tuesday April 11 on TLC, with “Toe to Toe”, an episode that could affect everything in Whitney Thore’s life. Mom Babs is rushed to the hospital and her relationship with bestie Todd Beasley is at a breaking point. ¬†RECAP posted below.

To refresh your recollection, last week in New York City, Todd and Whitney had more than a disagreement. Todd stalked off and left Whitney standing in Central Park after shooting a music video. He was jealous and needy, expecting that Whitney would at least ask him if she could use a day of their vacation trip for the video shoot. He might have said, “no”, or perhaps he would have agreed.

Whitney tried to get the workout guru to include Todd in the video, but that didn’t happen. Not only did Todd get sick during the class, he didn’t fit the profile; he’s not morbidly obese. You know how when you have a choice, and there’s that voice in your head telling you which way to go? If you ignore it you pay a price, but that could also be true if you follow the voice inside.

What did Whitney Thore choose? “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” is about her journey as a fat woman in a world that shames her. We’ve watched her for three seasons and should have known which choice she would make. The price she paid for not asking permission was hurting her pal. It might have shown Todd that she cared enough about him to consider sacrificing the opportunity, making him feel ashamed to say “no”. Yet, if she declined to participate, it would gnaw at her all the way home.

Todd is not only a friend of longstanding, he’s her “person” for all things dance related. She relies on him for inspiration, ideas and his help with the Big Girl Dance Class. Speaking of that, Dance Battle Part II is almost upon us and you know that Jiya is gonna’ pull out all the stops to beat Whitney’s team again.


Busy episode, but once again, Whitney got dressed down by Jiya. “We’re not all on your schedule, Whitney”, she spit back at Thore when asked about rescheduling the dance battle part 2. Jiya was unboxing costumes for the event, and ridiculed Whitney for schlepping all the way to Charlotte to deliver the news in person about her toe sprain. At this point, Whitney should just nurse her foot, be thrilled Todd’s back in her life and attend to Babs.

Yes, Todd and Whitney resumed friendship relations, although Todd never truly admitted he did anything wrong. What he did was echo Whitney’s teary plea for him to understand how much he means to her, and that there would be a hole in her life without him. It took an intervention organized by Tal and Maddie for that to happen.

Did you find yourself moving off Todd’s point of view and sympathizing more with Whitney after hearing her friends stand up for her?

There’s more danger ahead between the friends because of the phone call Whitney got from The Fitness Marshall. He’s coming to town and asked that Whitney join him to perform live, and not just in Greensboro where she lives. Yes, he was so thrilled with the video, calling it one of the best he’s ever been a part of, and wants the star of YouTube’s Fat Girl Dancing video to join him.

In a sneak peek of next week’s show we saw the reaction in the Big Girl Dance class when Todd made some snarky remark about it. Here’s the thing about that: For dance class members it’s the end of a long journey and a refuge, but for Thore, it’s a stepping stone to something much bigger. Like her YouTube video led to the TV show, this is just another step in a career. We doubt Whitney even knows what her end goal is after all is said and done.

She gives lip service to wanting to be married, and perhaps have a family. She is aiming to lose weight and get in shape. She’s looking like a good bet to get hired to do radio. Whatever happened to the No Body Shame Initiative? Wasn’t that a goal, to go national and have it be big?

With Babs in the hospital and Whitney having to come to terms with her mom’s mortality, will the shotgun approach to her life and career stop? Stay tuned…

“My Big Fat Fabulous Life” airs Tuesdays on TLC, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission¬†

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