"Like Cats and Dogs" Hallmark Original film, part of "Spring Fling"

Dream Vacation Spoiled? Maybe Not in Hallmark’s ‘Like Cats and Dogs’, Starring Cassidy Gifford (VIDEO)

“Like Cats and Dogs” is next up on the Hallmark Channel April event, Spring Fling! This month brings four original romantic comedies to get you in the mood for the warm weather and what it brings.

Interesting questions are posed for the lead characters, Lara and Spencer played by Cassidy Gifford and Wyatt Nash. Can they be flexible enough to accommodate each other and their pets in one vacation home for two weeks? It’s not like they are a couple and booked the time together. They’re strangers with very different ways, attitudes and pets. Check out the sneak peek posted below. 

“Like Cats and Dogs” sets the stage by introducing us to Lara who is rebounding from a bad breakup and not open to any new romantic possibilities. Then there’s Spencer who is in a relationship with Susan, though he is constantly questioning where the relationship is going. A snafu in reservations makes them share space, which gets tense even when it comes to how they store their different food items in the refrigerator.

How about the pets? There’s finicky feline, Mozart, who lives with buttoned-up Spencer. For free spirit Lara, there’s her faithful but rambunctious dog Frank. Hmmm, free spirit vs. buttoned up – finicky cat vs. rambunctious dog. Sounds about right for this kind of film. Compromising is all well and good when you can shut the door on the other person and have some privacy, which the home doesn’t provide.

Plus, this is a two-week summer vacation, with all the hopes, dreams and plans it entails. How do you make those happen when you are constantly aggravated by the other person’s pet, who always seems to be in the wrong? Settle in and watch the magic happen.

“Like Cats and Dogs” airs Saturday night April 15th on Hallmark Channel, part of the network’s Spring Fling event. Air time is 9 p.m. ET   Image/video credit: Crown Media US, used with permission 

“Like Cats And Dogs” is a Front Street Production. Harvey Kahn is Executive Producer. Ron Oliver directs “Like Cats And Dogs” from the screenplay written by Aaron Mendelsohn with revisions by Ron Oliver.


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