Parker Schnable in "Gold Rush: Parker's Trail"

Finale of ‘Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail’ Exposes Tension in Final Push (VIDEO)

“Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail” wraps up its run with a two-hour finale, airing Friday night April 14 on Discovery. The episode is titled “Hypothermia” and with good reason.

The weather has become increasing difficult and cold. Ice has formed on the rivers and lakes that lead to the foursome’s ultimate destination. Dawson City in the Yukon beckons and Parker Schnable will not give in. In the sneak peek of the finale, we heard Karla Ann warn Parker about trying to walk on what he hoped was a frozen bit of the river.

Down went Parker, and as the voiceover reminded us prior to this stunt, death can result quickly in water that cold. The group (Karla Ann, Parker, crew foreman Rick Ness and filmmaker James Levelle) have encountered obstacles that made them lose time. They were stuck for almost one week due to gale winds. They had to walk/run with their packs and boat on a railroad cart for days until it was safe to get back on the water.

They ran out of food, and their hunting/fishing expeditions took time away from getting to the destination. Check out the video clip below for preparation prior to the trip, honing their shooting skills.

When they finally got to a place that was inhabited, rather than just wilderness, they took advantage and had a real meal. That stretched to a few drinks, then a few more and instead of returning to the tent site, Parker and Rick hit up a motel. Their hangover the next morning was a roaring good one. Funny how Schnable’s rule about using nothing that wasn’t similar to how the prospectors from the last century made their way on the trail got detoured just that once.

Tension has ramped up among the men, particularly between James and Parker, although Karla Ann has been exasperated more than once with Schnable. That was to be expected when you’re running behind, nature isn’t cooperating, food is scarce and it’s freezing cold. But, it doesn’t make it better when unnecessary chances are taken. There are still hundreds of miles to go, winter has arrived and it’s not truly safe to be on the water.

“Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail” airs its finale, Friday night April 14th on Discovery, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT. ¬†Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission¬†


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  2. Parker is a spoiled little ahole that has had everyone kissing his smarmy little ass for tv that camera man held his temper very well for the disrespectful way that Parker seems is ok to treat people with just blows my mind that he hasn’t had his ass kicked good up in the Klondike were men wouldn’t take that type of disrespect

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