Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz part of "Storage Wars" cast.

‘Storage Wars’ Season 10: Big Changes for Mary Padian, Darrell, Jarrod and Brandi Too

Updated: What was gonna’ grow in planter Mary Padian sold to Jarrod & Brandi?

“Storage Wars” Season 10 kicked off with two new episodes and plenty has changed. Not only were the Dotsons not heading up the auctions, but the buyers had a lot of news to report about their personal lives and businesses. Emily Wears is the new auctioneer and there’s no fooling around when she’s in charge. Learn more about her.

Darrell Sheets is half his size, having lost that large belly he lugged around for years. He not only lost weight, but he lost Brandon too. We learned that he’s moved away and at least for now, isn’t attending auctions with his dad. Darrell also informed us that he got rid of the massive overhead he had tied up in his warehouse, and that he’s only dealing in “quality” items, donating much of what he buys or makes to charities of his choice.

Mary Padian is online now at She’s still showing up regularly to the auctions and has more cash at her disposal for bidding. Padian is still looking for collectibles or items she can rehab to put in that category, and she’s loving Darrell’s new look. What new look? He’s lost the weight equivalent of a young child. More on that in recap of the season premiere. 

Jarrod and Brandi: The biggest change we learned about related to them. Jarrod has hair! Yes, real hair on his head that is no longer shaved. He’s still sporting his famous branded t-shirts, but something else has changed. He’s looking for a “real” job. They sold all their trucks and closed their one remaining store (the Long Beach location closed a few years ago).

What were they doing in the second episode of the new season of “Storage Wars”? They were giving us a treat, apparently. Brandi took us on a ride to pick up Jarrod, who she found sitting on a park bench. What? Brandi said she was giving him a treat to lift his spirits. A depressed Jarrod is something we’ve never seen and he perked up a bit at the auction site in Moreno Valley.

They were not ready to be kidded or even questioned, because they snubbed Rene. Who knows if there’s bad blood between them.  He went over to ask about the store closure and the changes to their business, which brought silence. They refused to speak with him or even look at him.

Did they bid on anything? Yes, which according to Brandi was a way of getting their feet wet. There was a dog of a storage locker that they bid on, after Rene did Emily a favor and bid on at $25.00. No one else was interested and it went for $30.00 It netted them nothing in profit.

So, what do we take away from all this? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below.

“Storage Wars” new season airs episodes on A&E, Wednesdays beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: courtesy of A&E  

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21 thoughts on “‘Storage Wars’ Season 10: Big Changes for Mary Padian, Darrell, Jarrod and Brandi Too

  1. Mike, I’m afraid I have to strongly disagree with your statement that it looks like “everybody has lost weight Brandon, I don’t believe anyone else lost weight.
    DAVE – NO
    RENE – NO
    IVY – NO
    MARY – NO
    DARRELL – YES (BUT all of the weight he lost apparently Jarrod found and then some)
    It didn’t appear as though the “powers that be” of Storage Wars (Thom Beers) either are no longer “salting” the lockers OR have seriously pulled back on the amount of “salting” they are doing. I’d much rather have it be 100% REAL, let everyone see just how bad most lockers are. If people are smart they’ll notice how bad things got for many of the cast when the show stopped producing the show for a few years! NOW THAT IS REALITY!


      Reality would include eliminating the 25 extras who stand around, pretend to bid, but never win the locker. Just include the 4 or 5 celebrities.

  2. So sad to see the changes.
    Dan and Laura have to stay.
    Jarrod and Brandi will be missed. They were very entertaining.
    Hester has to leave. He is so rude.
    I hate to see these people losing their businesses.
    Again, bring back Dan and Laura at least. Don’t ruin a good thing.

  3. It’s amazing this show has lasted as long as it has, considering its premise and the fact that it was rigged came out a long time ago. Credit the characters for having developed a fan base.

  4. Love the show but you need to get rid of Mary and Ivy. Can’t stand either one of them and they add nothing good to the show.
    Don’t know how Brandi goes out in public with Jarrod, he dresses so bad and looks so terrible. I would be ashamed to be seen with him.

  5. You’re blind Marie-Both Jarrod and Brandy are gorgeous. Mary and Ivy are the sweetest. Rene is the only ugly, obnoxious guy there!

  6. Dan and Laura, need to stay.
    Barry needs to stay
    Guess Darryls sone does not want to be with his dad, since he now has a new girlfriend

  7. It is a shame that all combine like big stars like they have big stores and big money and they led the public to believe that there was Big Money In Storage Wars only for a lot of people to go broke and lose a lot of their savings and here’s some of their homes and now all the ones a juror in Brandi and all those guys the stores are closed reality weather was no money to be made in buying lockers they lost their Butts all closed a bunch of a month the bad people on a make-believe treasure hunt true success when they weren’t even successful ourselves it’s a shame granted I liked watching the show but reality is if you’re going to buy storage units you’re going to go broke one man’s junk it’s just that junk

    • This is about entertainment, it is not reality.

      Think about it: You have handful of people wasting gas driving all over So California for the chance to bid on 3 or 4 lockers. While others stand around, they are the only ones who ever win the lockers. It’s like watching the Harlem Globetrotters. You never actually see anyone pay the lady. They then go through the locker and pretend they know what all the junk is worth. It came out long ago that the producers salted the lockers.

      All of these shows: paranormal, off the grid, ancient aliens, treasure hunters, depend on people who invest their emotion into the characters. The producers copy the models of soap operas and pro wrestling, which also present actors as characters, who get a pay check for their services.

  8. Don. You need to learn how to write! WOW! True pathetic example of an opinion! Dam son,..Did you graduate? As for the cast,. D.Hester is a douce bag,. Brandi is smokin hot and Jarrod seems pretty cool,.but probably a dickhead! Barry was the only one with class, Rene is a disgusting slob and needs some speech therapy, Rick and Cindy are gutter trash, Ivy,…well what can you say? Dumb f’n negro!!! The 2 new morons that are suppose to take Darrel and Brandons place seem pretty cool,. And Mary,…oh sweet Mary!! I would like to smoke some of that shit your smokin and check out that caboose!! I would so spank that ass!!! Ummmmmm hmmmmmm!!

  9. Too many new people who have no intelligence. It used to be smart were the focus was on the items not the buyers. Last episode I watched was sad .. I even missed Dave

  10. Change isn’t always good. There was a nice dynamic with the originals. I started watching again last year but if Jarrod and Brandi are leaving, so am I. Good luck to the show.

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