Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thatcher on "When Calls the Heart" Season 4, Episode 9 "Heart of a Secret"

‘When Calls the Heart’: News About Jack For Elizabeth As Finale Looms Next Week (VIDEO)

UPDATED: Season 4 finale RECAP filled with healing and redemption, but Jack???

Carson Shepherd is front and center in the next episode of “When Calls the Heart” titled “Heart of a Secret”. He asks Abigail, “Are you alright?”, as she looks like she’s absorbed some bad news. That’s after Shepherd is called a killer by a stranger who arrived in Hope Valley.

In the sneak peek of episode 9 posted below (next week is the finale!), she asks that the town folks listen to her story and judge for themselves. Frank, as we know, had deep suspicions about the man known as Carson Shepherd. He put them away once he saw his generosity towards Abigail as she fought to keep open her cafe.

Then Elizabeth gets news about her beloved fiance Mountie Jack Thornton. Fans of “When Calls the Heart” have been on edge since Jack left to go fight in the Northern Territories. Almost two whole episodes passed before Elizabeth saw a letter from Jack. There was relief and thankfulness after hearing that two Mounties had been killed.

Yet, here we are again, wondering, just like Elizabeth, if Jack is meant to return to her and Hope Valley. The schoolteacher comes face-to-face with someone who served with Jack and gets a full update. No hint yet if it’s good news or bad news. Miss Thatcher also gets some motherhood experience when she takes care of Opal for a few days.

Speaking of good news, the town got out from under the hurtful and evil plans of the railroad boss Ray Wyatt and Abigail has resumed her role as Mayor of Hope Valley. But she’s got a lot on her plate outside of civic matters and news about Carson Shepherd. Cody needs help adjusting to an attitude change by his sister, who is visiting during a break from school.

“When Calls the Heart” airs episode 9, Easter Sunday, April 16 at 9 p.m. on Hallmark Channel. ¬†Image/video credit: Crown Media US, used with permission¬†

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1 thought on “‘When Calls the Heart’: News About Jack For Elizabeth As Finale Looms Next Week (VIDEO)

  1. Hallmark is now in the process of injecting their ever present aging resident male stable actors into an, up to now, very successful TV series. To do so, they seem to have eliminated the major male star i.e. Daniel Lissing (Jack Thornton) from the saga. This will hopefully eventually lead to the cancellation of WCTH as the story line is about “Jack (Daniel Lissing) and Elizabeth” in the frontier, and not about the now featured HM stable actors/characters Avery/Wagner, Carson/Green, Mailer, Cummings, etc. Hallmark has unfortunately opened up to the public to the DARK SIDE of TV casting.

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