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‘Braxton Family Values’: Deleted Scene of Tamar Talking Cocktails and Grilled Cheese (VIDEO)

Tonight on the next “Braxton Family Values”, it’s time for lawyers, pop-up restaurants and arrests. In “Pop Up, Pop Off”, we catch up with the sisters after they managed to get through the visit with Bishop Jakes. Yes, we know there was a singing malfunction, but that is behind them!

It’s time for the Bar Chix Pop-Up event, you know the one that will have french fries that Tamar hates, and no fried chicken? Yeah, that one. In the video clip below¬†that was deleted from the telecast, we learn that Towanda has volunteered to work as a bartender to help her sister Trina.

Uh oh, who knew the sisters were so into details like whether or not their sister has a license to tend bar? The answer is no, and it leads to discussion of Tamar’s habits of having to get someone else to mix her a drink, even at home. From there we’re launched into a debate over grilled cheese sandwiches, and who makes the best.

Meanwhile, there is drama that brings both criminal and divorce laws into the plot lines. Towanda told her lawyer that she didn’t care if she had to give up all her property in the divorce. She’d gladly trade that for custody of her children. Towanda is willing to share, but her husband is playing the “bad mom” card, trying to gain sole custody. The fight gets ugly. Remember when Evelyn got hot talking about that? Someone better keep her calm, because she’s only recently recovered from a small stroke.

Then there’s another bombshell secret revealed. Two weeks ago it was Tamar’s miscarriage that rocked the family. Get ready for an admission on Trina’s part about a shocking arrest at her home. It’s a bad night all around for Trina because the sisters converge and confront her.

Yeah, it’s a must-see episode.

Braxton Family Values airs Thursdays on WE tv at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission

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