Dr. Michael Salzhauer a/k/a Dr. Miami, on his own reality TV show on WE tv

‘Dr. Miami’ EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek: Model Faked Looks, Used Photoshop (VIDEO)

On the next episode of “Dr. Miami”, airing Friday night April 21 at 10 on WE tv, Dr. Michael Salzhauer has two very high profile and high maintenance clients to deal with. One is telenovela superstar Maria “Raquenel” Portillo (“My Life is a Telenovela”). The other is sexy glamour model, Una, one of the many Instagram pals of the man known as Dr. Miami.

Raquenel comes with lots of baggage from an abusive relationship in her past. According to the plastic surgeon with millions of social media followers, her experiences have kept her from realizing her own beauty. There’s a cure for that, and Raquenel is about to learn what it is. Una is a whole other case.

Una’s face and body are her business, helping her to become a social media darling. Dr. Miami is in the business of bodies and faces, so this is a perfect match, right? But, when we meet the model in the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek below, we learn that she’s somehow avoided going under the knife thus far in her career.

There’s nothing wrong with that, except she has never posted a selfie, whether for professional or personal purposes, without altering the photo to make her nose look perfect. As the doctor says in the EXCLUSIVE clip below, “Anyone who can’t post a selfie without PhotoShop’ing it, is in need of my surgical expertise”. Ya’ think? How has she avoided it up this point?

For a moment the surgeon is caught off guard, taking a couple of moments to formulate his words. If you have seen the show before you know that is a rarity. He’s nothing if not an extrovert and confident to the max. He fancies himself a jokester and keeps things very loose in the office.

Wearing costumes is part of his schtick and of course, there’s always someone filming the surgical procedures. That’s what sets this surgeon apart, as well as his absolute joy when making people feel great about themselves.

“Dr. Miami” airs new episodes Friday nights on WE tv, at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credits: WE tv, used with permission 

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