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‘Mountain Monsters’ Sneak Peek: Dark Forest Hunt Begins For Woman of the Woods (VIDEO)

Updated: Jeff collapses in Dark Forest. Is he possessed?

“Mountain Monsters” season 5 kicked off with a bang. In the two-part premiere the guys were kidnapped, sort of, Trapper was left to bleed out, sort of and a severed pig’s head provided clues about the whereabouts of the Rogue Team.

After all that, a deal was struck between the AIMS team and its arch-enemy. If the guys agreed to go into the Dark Forest and capture Woman of the Woods for the Rogue Team, they would get in return, the identity of the people who killed the Stonish Giant and the location of its body. Is it a good deal? The AIMS team thought so.

It’s certainly better than the team fracturing over who leads it. Buck went rogue and angered Trapper, until the others realized Buck was on to something big, then Trapper went missing. After being saved all was well again, except Trapper admitted that his body might be too old for traipsing through the woods. What does that mean for this season of “Mountain Monsters”? Good question.

In the preview of the next episode, part of the team is in the Dark Forest. They come across a symbol that looks very familiar and stop in their tracks. The sweat starts to form on Buck’s brow, because it’s something they’ve seen before and it never means something good’s about to happen. There is a disagreement over its meaning, so a decision is made to confer with Jeff. “If he doesn’t know what it means, he’ll find out”, says Buck.

It’s been nine months since the AIMS team was deprived of taking that creature out of the trap it set. The Rogue Team got some independent contractors as middle-men to do the deed. All AIMS wants is physical proof that what they’ve been chasing for years really exists. Have you ever wondered what would happen if they finally got their wish? Fans of “Mountain Monsters” like things just the way they are.

“Mountain Monsters” airs its season 5 episodes, Saturday nights on Destination America, beginning at 10 p .m. ET/PT    Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission 

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