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Sneak Peek ‘Yukon Men’ Season 6: Tanana Ready To Fight For Way Of Life (VIDEO)

“Yukon Men” presents its season 6 premiere Friday night April 21 on Discovery Channel, beginning at 9 p.m. et/pt. The residents of Tanana are riled up about what they consider an invasion. Mother nature puts obstacles in their way, and while the environmental crises have to be managed, no one thought that civilization would intrude to make things worse.  Updated with EXCLUSIVE preview of episode 2

In the sneak peek of season 6 action posted below, you get a quick look at the fear that comes from having a road connect the town to Fairbanks, Alaska. Strangers have arrived and with them comes rule breaking that makes life unsafe for the Tanana stalwarts. The new road provides outside trophy hunters access to Tanana’s sacred land and resources. With their way of life under attack, the villagers must find ways to survive this unstoppable invasion.

The video clip gives us a glimpse of a mother and daughter walking in the field when they hear gunshots that are too close for comfort. Then there’s the deer killed with parts left where the hunters gutted it. There is a distinct disgust for any human intrusion, because folks landed in Tanana to be 130 miles from other human beings.

This season on “Yukon Men” digs deeper into the life of each family like never before. For many villagers, the future of Tanana is uncertain. Will the residents embrace change or will external forces end a way of life dating back hundreds of years?

Where did we leave off at the end of season 5? We watched Jessi and Chris lure a bear out of its den, with Jessi as bait. They were out of options if they wanted food for winter, which was closing in. Jessi really faced her fears, and it seemed to empower her. It gave them both the feeling they can make it in the bush of Alaska if they choose to do so. Will this season change that?

“Yukon Men” airs season 6 episodes on Discovery, Friday nights at 9 p.m. Season premiere April 21st at 9.  Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission 

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  1. ” The residents of Tanana are riled up about what they consider an invasion.”

    But they didn’t mind a production crew showing up and signing checks.

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