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‘Storage Wars’ Season 10: Dan and Laura Return, Dave Hester Disgusted and Shows It

Dan and Laura Dotson made their first appearance on the new season of “Storage Wars” in the episode titled “Bright Lights, Big Biddies”. Season 10 has brought major changes for the show, including a new auctioneer.  Emily Wears made her debut during the first two episodes aired last week. She’s young and has a different style, which we wrote about in a short profile.

The other big changes include someone who lost almost half his body weight, two people who are in the midst of looking at real jobs and the shift from retail to online selling for two major players. Check them all out.

The cast may be in flux but “Storage Wars” pushes onward. There are always auctions to attend in and around Southern California. The auction bidders that we know well, some of whom can’t stand each other any longer, still have their signature styles. No one has personified that better than Dave “YUUUP” Hester.

The combo of the Dotsons and Dave produced no brawls, but there was nasty behavior. Hester got out of his truck and realized Dan and Laura were in charge that day. Laura was mingling with bidders outside the gates and her signature laugh reached Hester who ridiculed it. “It sounds like there’s a hyena over there,” he began, “Oh yeah, there is a hyena. King Dave is displeased.”  Dan and Laura comment on their absence!

When Hester got closer, Dan Dotson was the first to greet him, putting out his hand and asking, “Hey Dave, how are you?”. Dave Hester looked him straight in the eye and chose not to shake his hand, saying “I’ll save that one for later”. Laura, standing near Rene noted it, “Are you kidding me?” No Laura, no one was kidding you.

Darrell bought what looked like a dog of a unit for a mere $60, but made $800 in profit after finding “Odyssey of the Mind” collectible pins. Rene spent the most after being bid up by Hester. On a locker costing him $3,000, he made a little profit, but he shouldn’t have paid even half that amount for it.

Dave was the big winner of the night. Rene returned the favor by bidding him up, but only to $350. He found an intact Mazda rotary engine, with parts to assemble another one. Now it would be a motor for a dune buggies. It was appraised at $1,200, bringing Hester’s total to $1,390 on a $350 locker. You either love him or hate him, right?

“Storage Wars” Season 10 airs Wednesday nights on A&E, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: Dan and Laura Dotson, used with permission 

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  1. I really wish they would give hester the boot he is the nastiest human being I have ever watched on TV he is not entertaining he is disgusting and is very disrespectful to everyone he makes it very hard for me to watch the show can his ass!

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