Jeremy Wade in "River Monsters"

‘River Monsters’ Final Season: Jeremy Wade’s Quest For The One That Got Away! (VIDEO)

“River Monsters” began its last season on Animal Planet, giving Jeremy Wade one more bite at the apple. As the network announced, it’s a “…final chance to make his way to unexplored regions to pursue the last remaining cases in his file, to track down the few monster fish that have eluded him – and to settle some scores.”

Season 9 will take him further, deeper into new investigations of all kinds. It will be a mix of river missions and sea journeys. There will be terrifying new monsters as well as fascinating new science. That includes the quest to land the biggest fish of his career. It may just be a new species of monster that as Wade says, “…is new to all of us.”

It might be his ninth year on “River Monsters”, but it’s been a thirty-year career for Wade of investigating both fresh and salt water for killers, in even the most remote corners of the globe. This season is different. He won’t quit until the “one that got away” is finally captured. The creature has been in his grasp, but never for long. The elusive black fish is on his radar, and he’s got some tricks up his sleeve.

In the preview of the season, posted below, listening to Jeremy Wade makes you a believer, if you weren’t already. But why is this the final season? A representative of the network quieted any concerns that it was the one pulling the plug. As he told us, “We did not cancel or end our #1 rated series (it’s been our #1 series in Adults 25-54 for 8 consecutive years).”

Wade made it official with a statement included in a press release about the last season.

“Some shows can run forever, but our subject matter is finite. 10 years ago I had a list in my head, which seemed impossibly ambitious at the time, but everything has now been ticked off – and then some. I have seen things beyond my wildest dreams, and sharing those moments with our loyal Animal Planet audiences has made them doubly special,” said Wade.

“River Monsters” airs Sundays on Animal Planet at 9 p.m. ET/PT    Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission 

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