Charlie Wright and Curtis Tindall on "Yukon Men"

‘Yukon Men’ EXCLUSIVE: Watch Charlie’s Helper Find Danger Clearing His Trapline (VIDEO)

Season six of “Yukon Men” is underway and in episode two, airing tonight, Friday April 28 on Discovery, the reality has set in for residents of Tanana. Outsiders are among them and the residents are dealing with it in a variety of ways. If you missed the season premiere, check out this post with info about the major event that caused shock and concern.

A road now connects the town to Fairbanks, Alaska. Strangers have arrived and with them comes rule breaking that makes life unsafe for the Tanana stalwarts. The new road provides outside trophy hunters access to Tanana’s sacred land and resources. With their way of life under attack, the villagers must find ways to survive this unstoppable invasion.

In tonight’s episode, “Bloodlines”, trapping season is approaching and the residents realize that their territory could be challenged, endangering their ability to earn an income. In the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek posted below, watch Charlie Wright utilize his daughter’s boyfriend, Curtis Tindall to help clear debris from his trapline. It means moving boulders and other types of hard work, but there are other lessons to be learned.

The Yukon River is filled with floating chunks of ice and there is residual ice on the shoreline. With Wright’s trapline running along the water’s edge, maneuvering in a four-wheel drive vehicle could get tricky. Ya’ think?

Also on tonight’s “Yukon Men”, Chris and Jessi Morse continue to struggle in their efforts to stockpile enough food for winter. With limited options they resort to hunting with primitive homemade weapons. That isn’t the worst of their problems, because the family is forced to evacuate one of their own. A medical emergency arose and fear begins to creep in.

“Yukon Men” season 6 airs on Discovery Friday nights beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission 

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