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Dan and Laura Dotson Statement On ‘Storage Wars’ Season 10 Absence and Their Return

Update: Best new tag team on TV: Mary and Kenny! What’s the latest?

“Storage Wars” Season 10 premiered with back-to-back episodes without auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson. In their place was Emily Wears, a new face with a new process. The regulars gossiped about it, but there were many changes for the cast; this was only one of them. We published a list of what’s different this season.

Without notice, the Dotsons were missing, and then as quickly as they disappeared, they were back in place. The following couple of weeks has been a mix of Wears and the Dotsons. We reached out to the couple’s representative to ask if they had any comments about the situation and if they were coming back on a regular basis. Here’s some of what they had to say.

“Laura & I enjoy being the Auctioneers on Storage Wars. Team Dotson currently in its 10th seasons and 7 years of Auction Action and love every moment of it. We are still auctioneering and are a major part of this successful show.  We believe that the budget was tight and the network had to make some changes. Hopefully not forever!”

Did the Dotsons get feedback from fans of the show? Yes, they did!

The response that we are getting from our fans is disbelief and anger.  Many are sadden and threaten they will no longer tune in.  This is something we do not want to happen. We want Storage Wars to go on for another decade and we very much want to be a part of it! We want our viewers to get excited to see their favorite Storage Wars cast members and what’s in the box!  Keep tuning in! Catch Team Dotson on back to back episodes this Wednesday, May 3rd., 9/8c.  Two new shows every week on A&E!”

Dan and Laura are active on social media, for those that are interested. Here’s a few links to their pages.

“Check out all of our social media links and get behind the scenes photographs and never seen before Storage Wars moments.  Follow us on twitter @paytheladylaura & @auctionguydan and on YouTube at Theauctionguydan. Also, on Facebook at Dan & Laura Dotson”

“Storage Wars” airs Wednesdays on A&E, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: Dan and Laura Dotson. 

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18 thoughts on “Dan and Laura Dotson Statement On ‘Storage Wars’ Season 10 Absence and Their Return

  1. They seem to have an overly inflated opinion of their function. The show centers on the handful of actors who are the only ones who ever actually win the bid. Any competent auctioneer could fill his role, and she just stands there.

  2. Don’t care for them especially Laura’s insenant woooing. So annoying. Her voice grates. She ruins the first half of the show. Their true colors and personalities show with the Dave confrontation. Nasty. I’m relieved when I see different auctioneers.

  3. Juan, you really do not know what you are talking about. Dan and Laura are not just about what they do, but the undeniable success of this show is all about personalities and chemistry. Dan and Laura, not only do an amazing job at selling self storage units at auction, but they absolutely have the personalities, chemistry and the all important relationships with not only the other cast members, but with the audience. If these two fabulously talented people were to leave Storage Wars, I know that I would no longer tune in to watch. So Juan, dig a little deeper and really WATCH this show and the way all of the characters interact with each other and the whole auction crowd…I am sure that you too, will become a believer!

    • Sue,

      Get a stopwatch and time how long they are actually on screen. When the auction finishes, they disappear. All the attention goes to the few people with the high bid…what they find in the locker and researching the value. They are the people viewers tune in to watch.

  4. I watch Storage Wars religiously. Yhe Dotsons are great auctioneers. I don’t understand why they would switch them out.

    If they are looking for saving, get rid of Dave. What an ass! I turn SW off, if I see him on an episode.

  5. Juan, your an idiot! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but you are way off the mark here! Fan and Laura are really awesome people, very nice, down to earth, just all around great people! If A&E get rid of them, I don’t think I’d watch it anymore! I had the pleasure to me Fan in chloride Arizona, and he was very pleasant! I missed Laura but my husband was there and he called me and told me he was standing by her and I asked him to give Laura the phone, and she talked to me! She was very nice and she didn’t have to do that at all! I just wish I could have seen her, one day I will! Dan &Laura are the BEST! Love them both! Keep up the good work guys!

    • Ah yes, lacking a real defense and throw out an ad hominem. The modern form of debate. If you’ll care to notice, I said nothing about their character, but rather spoke the obvious: their participation on the show is minimal: 3-4 30 second auctions. The remainder is spent on the bidders, what they bought, and a proposed valuation. Blame the producers for that, not me.

  6. Dan and Laura Dotson #TEAMDOTSON are the Foundation of AETV Storage Wars
    It is not the same show without them.
    The Dotsons exemplify Teamwork, Hard Work and Perseverance !
    Let’s keep Reminding AETV to Feature #TEAMDOTSON all the time!
    They are the Best In The Bidness !

    And please keep the comments POSITIVE!

    There is too much Negativity in the world already!

    Keep up the Great Work Dan and Laura

    …and Don’t Forget to Pay The Lady !

  7. Juan
    All due respect
    The Dotsons are the Founding Mmebers and Driving Force behind Storage Wars
    Have you watched the earlier seasons?
    Storage Wars was inspired by Dan and Laura’s success as Auctioneers

    • That may well be true, but once they started receiving a paycheck, they became employees of the production company, as did other members of the cast. You’ll notice the same thing happened to “Dual Survival”; characters come and go.

  8. Love Dan and Laura in fact bring back the originals Barry,Jarrod and Brandy, Brando his Dad send the ones from Texas Storage wars back to texas Send the German guy back to Germany keep his wife Casey around though the guys just love her. I doubt weather Brando would come back he seems to be doing extremly well with his real estate business the show was fun to watch by the way Casey kind of dissappeared did she leave the donut guy ?????

  9. Reading all the comments reminds me of watching an episode of Storage Wars. So much bickering. This show, scripted or not, items planted on not, entertains those of us who watch it and that is the sole purpose of it’s production. Enjoy or change the channel.

  10. Love Dan and Laura, quality time not quantity is what counts..please come back..hopeDan is feeling well…miss them both.

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