Mark Isaiah "The Voice" Season 12 wins Instant Save to make Top 10 #Team Adam

‘The Voice’ Top Ten: How Can Mark Isaiah Stay Out of Bottom Two Again?

“The Voice” Season 12 is down to the Top 10, and the last artist announced once again was Mark Isaiah, 19, who is trying to prove he’s a survivor. On his own he won two Instant Saves, and got a save from his coach Adam Levine prior to that.

For some reason, Mark falls to the bottom when compared with the bulk of artists on the show, but when he goes head-to-head with a singer, darn if he doesn’t become the winner. Last night, he was pitted against Team Alicia’s indy-rocker Stephanie Rice. Here’s the performance that got him into the Top 10.

Adam Levine and Mark exchanged a long hug after his name was announced. The work begins again as “The Voice” season 10 rolls on. While Levine believes in him, he’s a realist. It is rare for any one singer to survive three straight Instant Saves. Did it have anything to do with the song chosen for the Top 11 performance show? Here’s the video of Mark the night before.

Only time will tell if whatever song is chosen will help him avoid that possibility. As the number of singers dwindles, it grows increasingly difficult to stand out, particularly with the quality of who is left on each team.

The best of the pack still in the competition include: Brennley Brown, Lilli Passero, Lauren Duski, and Vanessa Ferguson on the female side of the ledger. Then there’s Chris Blue and T Soul on the other side.

How do you think Adam Levine and Mark Isaiah fix the bottom two problem to avoid another Instant Save?

“The Voice” Season 12 airs Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image/video credit: NBCUniversal, used with permission¬†

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