David Norton on "Married At First Sight: Second Chances"

Callie vs. Maya For David Norton, Who Ya’ Got on ‘Married At First Sight: Second Chances’?

Update: Recap of next episode, who left-who stayed?

“Married at First Sight: Second Chances” narrowed the large pool of hopefuls to ten for David and Vanessa, after a tough episode titled “Don’t Kiss…and Tell”. David went all in against advice and ended up smooching with Maya and Callie, two women at war with each other. Vanessa did no such thing. The pool parties had the same vibe as last week’s cocktail party.

At Vanessa’s party, when the men were together waiting to speak with her they got into it with each other, mostly in jest. They got boastful and threw shade at each other as they did at the first party. Vanessa is never impressed with that. You know what else she hates? One suitor named Reggie told her he’s used to dating 21 year-olds, and the convo abruptly stopped. As the pastor said, Vanessa likes a man who acts “husbandly”. As noted in the preview to this episode, the candidates should have absorbed everything from her season with Tre on “Married at First Sight”.

David’s gathering demonstrated two sides of his personality. His hate of conflict and people-pleasing skills allowed Miss Angel Wings Jennifer to come back. It ended up biting him in the butt. She acted out when eliminated again, in a way that was either alcohol-fueled or a good impression of a grade-schooler who doesn’t get what she wants.

With Merrill, David put the hammer down immediately. After seeing her around town with someone else between the first and second parties he waited to see what she had to say for herself. When she never showed for the pool party, and came late to the cocktail-dinner portion of the day, he didn’t care what she said in her own defense. He asked her to leave right then and there.

Vanessa’s a woman who likes to handle things in an orderly fashion and gave each man a chance or two, spreading herself around. She was able to decide on her top 10 without equivocating. She’s got physical chemistry with Chris a 22 year-old and can’t seem to shake off Andre, the man whose hair is an homage to NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. When she asked if he’d cut it because it’s just not her style, he pushed back, asking how she would feel if asked the same thing. It worked, because he made the top 10.

David flitted around, spending more time than he should with the 25 women, who had to take him by the hand and say, “Hi, remember me?” His two faves, at least from a physical attraction standpoint are Maya and Callie. They are the protagonists in their own soap opera. Maya is hated by most of the girls, who believe she’s a phony. When David’s around she’s sweet, and when he’s not, she has what one called “resting bitch face”.

Callie made it her mission to try to breakthrough with Maya but it failed miserably. That’s when Kelly declared war. Maya’s comeback to that was to cry and whine to David. “They’re bullying me,” she told him towards the end. He tried to console her, while attempting to stay out of the brewing cat fight. Little does he know that the generals in the war are the two women he made out with, against Dr. Pepper’s advice.

Here’s the question to ponder. Is Maya really a phony, or just someone who has eyes on the prize, knowing that social skills with the other women are unnecessary to the task at hand? David’s the prize, and there is no second place.

Maya may already knows about how much David hates conflict, after realizing that Miss Angel Wings played the guilt card and got what she wanted. If he saw her in action with the others, it might change his mind. The same goes for Callie, but at least she’s open about it. It’s a competition.

What’s your feeling about the Maya-Callie war? Chime in with comments below!


We got the dating episode last night, but were teased with the first elimination. We can guess, however from looking at scenes of next week’s show. Looks like Maya is still in the contest, but more and more it seems like David is edging away from her. Too much drama, right?

He needed a break from Maya’s constant victim status, and had a great time with Isabella on his first alone-time date. She is uncomplicated, but young and immature. She’s gorgeous and gets like a school girl around David. Will that hold his interest for a long term relationship?

Callie didn’t get a separate date in the first batch of invitations, and still thinks the others have nothing to fear from Maya. We’ll see. Tara was chosen for the next alone-date. David’s got a thing for her that he can’t shake. She might have an inside track since they were smitten with each other a few years back but timing wasn’t right. She seems perfect for him, uncomplicated and ready to settle down.

The group activities were go-cart racing, boxing lessons and a fake lockdown situation. The group had to solve clues as a man dressed as a zombie chased them. Yeah, I know, a bit corny. David kept noticing the anger among the women, but at the track, it wasn’t Maya who crashed into Callie. At the boxing gym, he kept those two away from each other.

Then at the mystery experience, while most of the women were trying to impress him by finding the right clues, David realized he’s been ignoring Melika. She played damsel-in-distress and he “saved” her from the zombie. The others watched as Melika got the next alone date. Anyone else wonder about her voice that never registers much emotion? It turns out she’s not into big romantic displays, which I think David sorta’ is.

David reminded us that he’s still intrigued with the one who he almost got paired with during “Married At First Sight”. Twice now, he said that he believes they would still be together if he had’t been matched with Danielle.

Who do you think was eliminated first?

Married At First Sight: Second Chances airs Thursday nights on Lifetime, immediately following the newest episode of the original show, now in its fifth season.   Image credit: A&E/Lifetime, used with permission. 

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