Mark Isaiah, eliminated from Team Adam on "The Voice" Top 10 results show

Why Mark Isaiah Was Eliminated on ‘The Voice’ Top Ten Results Show (VIDEO)

“The Voice” season 12 is down to the final eight artists heading into the semi-final round next week. On the results show for the Top 10 two singers were eliminated and both were on Team Adam. That leaves Adam Levine with only Jesse Larson in the competition.

No history was made by Mark Isaiah who once again landed in the bottom two, forced into his third straight Instant Save sing-off. Unlike the previous weeks, Mark lost out to Team Alicia’s Vanessa Ferguson.

Also sent home was Lilli Passero, whose face registered her expectation that she was going home, even early in the show. “The Voice” results shows draw out the announcements of who got voted through, and before half the episode was over, Lilli stood with Mark without being able to hide her disappointment.

Mark Isaiah’s run on the show began well, and even this observer thought he’d go far as a young pop singer in the Bieber mold. Whether it was the choice of songs by Adam Levine or Isaiah’s talent reaching its limit, he faded as far back as the final Knockout round. Levine chose him over others on his team to send to the live shows.

Lilli Passero’s performance in Monday’s Top 10 show seemed somewhat off from her previous efforts. We watched Levine coaching her to sing the song, which she seemed unable to master. It was a challenge for her and it appeared that her performance reflected that. Her Instant Save performance was more of the same, as far as the mood and tone.

It’s difficult to argue with their exits, because the talent left is impressive. Team Gwen’s artists, Hunter Pake and Brennley Brown have become stars, reflected by Pake’s rise in iTunes downloads. Brown’s voice is beautiful and her style seems to fit today’s fans of crossover artists. She can do pop or country, or even better, a mixture of both. She showed that singing Joni Mitchell and Linda Ronstadt tunes.

Team Alicia’s Chris Blue is a talent well beyond his vocal ability. His stage presence is undeniable. Vanessa Ferguson’s only hiccup was when she sang Lauren Hill and did some rapping. She was praised for that by Adam Levine, but clearly, America wasn’t pleased until she was matched against Passero and Isaiah.

Then there’s the ever-present mastery of Blake Shelton, who is the only coach to send all three of his singers through to next week’s semi-finals. Lauren Duski could win it all, and Shelton is already touting her as the missing piece to today’s country music scene. T Soul is a one-of-a-kind talent in the competition this season and Aliyah Moulden won America’s heart.

Despite Aliyah falling apart during the final moments of her Top 10 performance, she made it through. Her tears came while she sang a song that reminded her of how much she missed her father. Would anyone hold that against her? Heck, no.

Who goes to the finals?

‘”The Voice” season 12 airs Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC. ¬† ¬†Image credit: NBCUniversal, used with permission

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