Kenny Crossley on Storage Wars Season 10

Here Are 4 Reasons Kenny Is Breakout Star of ‘Storage Wars’ Season 10

“Storage Wars” took us to Montebello and Van Nuys in the latest episodes of season 10. One bidder tied them together and in an amusing way. That would be Kenny, yes Kenny Crossley. He was introduced to us a few years back as Barry Weiss’ sidekick; he also appeared alongside him in “Barry’d Treasure” the one-season reality TV show on A&E.

The latest season has new faces and new stories, including auctioneer Emily Wears. You can find details about that, here. Kenny’s regular presence on the show is one of those changes. Here’s the cool part – he merely observed at first. That gave us that stealth, humorous schtick that Barry made famous.

That changed when he decided to put in a few bucks, bidding on lockers that didn’t cost him more than $10-$20, ¬†generally units no one else wanted. He kept it up and last night, he took his bidding to a new level, paying a bit more than $200 for a storage unit, and damn if he didn’t make a nice profit. He netted $1275 on vintage dancing costumes.

While other regulars on “Storage Wars” can be comical at times, Kenny has that Barry Weiss-like sweetness that is lacking in Rene, Mary, or even Ivy. Here are some of his moves that lighten the mood and make you root for him.

Humility: He knows he’s new and isn’t embarrassed to admit it. That quality also allows him to fearlessly ask questions, or to guess at some of the objects he finds in the locker. Since he’s bidding small, most of what he finds are in plastic bags. His guesses are what make it fun.

Child-like joy: When Kenny discovers anything in the cheap lockers that looks good enough to sell, he never hears the cash register ring in his head. Last night he realized he would make enough to go the buffet! He keeps it basic.

Likeability: There is no one who doesn’t like Kenny. That might be a result of him being new at the game, without a big stack of cash to challenge the others for big lockers. But, you get the sense that he, like his pal Barry will always be able to charm anyone.

Southern Charm: He hails from New Orleans and it’s not difficult to tell. When he says “ri-chea” instead of “right here”, it’s a dead giveaway. He’s polite to a fault and then there’s his skill of making the best pralines you’ll ever taste.

Everyone else has hung around so long that they’re not able to give us fresh meat to gnaw on. So, we’ve got Kenny keep us interested.

“Storage Wars” airs new episodes Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image credit: A&E, used with permission¬†

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4 thoughts on “Here Are 4 Reasons Kenny Is Breakout Star of ‘Storage Wars’ Season 10

  1. ” He netted $1275 on vintage dancing costumes.”

    My bet is the values given for items found in lockers are about as speculative as those found on Museum Road Show. In other words, they are far above what they actually get.

  2. Kenny needs his own show. When he took the silver pieces to the elder women and had tea, I was crying. If A&E were smart, they would do a “How Kenny Do It” tv show. Like a cross between “American Pickers” and “Man vs Food”. That would be hilarious.

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