Cody and Danielle on "Married at First Sight" Season 5

‘Married At First Sight’ Recap: ‘Move-Ins’ Episode Went Well, But Trouble Brewing For Cody & Danielle

Nate and Sheila came back from the brink of disaster during the “Move-Ins” episode of “Married At First Sight”. Anthony and Ashley didn’t hit a snag, while Cody and Danielle seem miles apart and not just geographically.

Unlike other seasons, when compromising about where to live caused problems, season 5 couples found that relatively easy. Looking at the sneak peek scenes of next week’s show makes it appear like things go haywire, but for this moment, new living quarters were a success.

Nate and Sheila

It was impressive how they backed off a nasty fight prior to them returning home from their honeymoon. Nate suggested they pray together and it calmed the waters. Sheila had cried over what she believed was Nate’s inability to listen to her concerns. That was after they got past him lashing out, saying he wanted the marriage to end.

The prayer session led to a great trip home and meeting with Nate’s brother. Sheila gets major credit for being able to get him out of his shyness and silence. Where the two knocked heads just a bit was in money department. Sheila is someone who saves money on a consistent basis. That’s not Nate’s style. There was one moment during apartment shopping that there could have been an argument, but Nate decided to play it conservative on how much to spend on rent. They had no issues about finding a neutral place to live.

Anthony and Ashley

The two were love birds through the final night of the honeymoon and the trip home. It was cute when Anthony toured Ashley’s apartment and found shoes in the kitchen cupboards where food or pots/pans should be. They agreed that neither of their places fit the bill.

It was when the apartment shopping began that they clashed a bit. Anthony chose to let it go when Ashley confided that she couldn’t live in a Chicago city apartment without assigned, off-street parking. He was taken aback, making it seem like she had an ego problem, rather than a parking problem. Nonetheless, he moved on and they happily agreed on an apartment that fit both of their needs and pocketbooks.

Cody and Danielle

This is the couple in the most trouble, at least right now. What can you say about a guy who is 26, living with the family out in the country, who has never lived with a woman? You say he’s immature and nervous. You might also say, that he was not a good candidate to be matched with Danielle, 30 who wants a take-charge guy. Cody is still trying to maneuver his backward progress on the sexual side of things.

She makes a bit more money than he, which seems to be the case for the other two woman on the show, and combined they can afford a nice place. Both their commutes became longer, but at least it’s sorta’ half-way between their current abodes. The good news was that Cody said he missed Danielle while they were apart for a day, and apologized for using the “let’s be friends” request. He wants to be her husband, but we’re thinking he doesn’t know how.


“Married At First Sight” Season 5 airs Thursdays on Lifetime, beginning at 9 p.m. et. Image credit: Lifetime, used with permission¬†

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