Bailee Madison as Grace on Hallmark Channel's "Good Witch" season season 3

‘Good Witch’ Season 3: How Does Cassie Get Sam To Say ‘I Love You’? (VIDEO)

“Good Witch” season 3 gets down to business in the love department during the episode “How To Say ‘I Love You!” If it’s in the air then you know it affects all of Middleton. It’s just how things go there.  Update with RECAP posted below!

When you combine it with some magic, you can expect some things to change. It does not mean that goals are easily achieved, but with Cassie focusing on getting boyfriend Sam to profess his love, it’s just a matter of time. That’s become the issue, at least on Cassie’s side of things. In the sneak peek video clip posted below, watch as she brings up the question to Sam. His response? Check it out.

What would “Good Witch” be without some whimsy which usually comes in the form of Martha, the Mayor of Middleton. This episode is no different. Martha has been known to be headstrong, getting into jams of the worst sort. This time it’s Grace who sees that some magic is needed. She couldn’t let the mayor make financial commitments, then default on them. How would that look?

Also on tap is the reopening of the town’s movie theater. Ben’s been working hard and Stephanie offered to provide the concession stand items. You know it’s not Red Vines and popcorn if she’s made the choices. What film will the Middleton Theater open with? Let’s just say that while cleaning out the attic at Grey House Cassie and Grace find something that is perfect.

A classic film from 80 years ago helps Sam get past his issue of expressing love to Cassie. She’s a smart girl, knowing that pressuring him won’t work. But sometimes a girl’s got to get the wheels greased, if you know what we mean.


Keep it simple, wait until it feels right and take pride in results, not taking credit for them. Those were the themes of the episode and if you saw the show, you know it worked out just fine.

Grace, who Martha said is growing up to be just like her mom, did some research on her own to solve the town’s fiscal challenges. She wanted no special mention to the town or public thanks.

Hearing about the mayor’s freak out after making promises for building improvements in town, Grace found a way out. Bank records from decades ago were unearthed and an account thought to be closed still had funds. It was enough to cover the tree planting outside city hall and a swing set for the playground.

Martha is hilarious when she’s flustered and off her game, but she recovered her poise for the big announcement made at the grand reopening of the Middleton Theater. Great retro look, both inside and out, the theater benefited from Stephanie’s hard work to provide snacks.

She worked hard to come up with all kinds of “designer” flavors of popcorn. When Martha said it was all too busy, and that the star of the show should be the theater and film, not the snacks, Stephanie rethought it all. Stick to basics, she was told and keep it simple. No one was disappointed.

For Sam, every day of the week leading up to the reopening of the theater he realized how special Cassie was to him and how his life became better with her in it. The nudge about saying “I love you”, came from everywhere. At the flower shop, at the Bistro, even once from Cassie herself.

Only after the film titled “How to Say ‘I Love You'” did Sam utter the magic words, to which Cassie responded, “I love you too”. What do you think is in store for the couple and how quickly does this become one of the biggest weddings, Middleton has ever seen?

“Good Witch” airs Sundays on Hallmark Channel, at 9 p.m. et.   Image/video credit: Crownmedia US, used with permission

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