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‘Mountain Monsters’: True or False, Dark Forest, Black Wolf and Ravenmocker Exist?

“Mountain Monsters” aired “The Three Rings of the North”, the sixth episode of season five, and the AIMS team has still made little to no progress on the bargain they struck with members of the Rogue Team. That was to find, capture or kill the Woman of the Woods, in exchange for information about who poached the body of the Stonish Giant at the end of last season.

Each week there is another creature, person or symbol that sends them off the chase, looking for meaning or fending off an attack. Jeff, who is still acting strange when he gets to the Dark Forest, told the guys that someone in that other group he’s infiltrated, shot the Black Wolf the last time he was with them.

He also admitted that he isn’t as close to the top of the organization as he let on. At the conclusion of the latest episode, the AIMS team spotted Jeff in the Black Forest at night with a torch in his hand, approaching the three rings. He was setting them on fire.

Is it just another WTF moment on “Mountain Monsters” or just part of the fun? Fans seems somewhat divided on how to watch and appreciate the show. Is it just an hour of fun, or are we watching something that pushes along the theory that there are creatures and monsters lurking in places like Lee County, Virginia?

Fans of the show, who follow the TVRuckus coverage have gone on record with some interesting thoughts. Here are a few for you to chew on. Let us know how much reality you expect.

Austin wrote: “I live in Lee county ive never heard anything about the raven mocker. I was always told ravens mean someones gonna die but thats only if the raven follows you. Creepily, I have been told stories of the woman in the woods. Not just by my parents to keep me out of the woods or anything but by everyone from parents grandparents and the parents and grandparents of my friends. No its not an elaborate scheme our families made up my family doesnt even know some of my friends family. People disappear in the woods ever so often.”

Daniel Masterson wrote:”I live in lee county Virginia guys, there is no such thing as the dark forest, woman of the woods, or black wolf. We are the south western tip of Virginia, between Kentucky and Tennessee. It blew my mind when they said they were in lee county searching this so called raven mocker!! What a dumbass concept. First of all ravens are not common in this area, so y would a big foot mock one? Secondly, there is no local legends or knowledge of anything mentioned in this episode. I have lived in Pennington gap, rose hill, Blackwater, st. Charles, and other places. I have walked through miles and miles of forest multiple occasions, never have i seen anything. I believe in big humanoid creatures living in seclusion, but i have never seen proof here. That is all, i just wanted to say my peice.” (misspelling not corrected)

Jackie wrote: “I think that the guys actually believe what they are hunting, I think producers are setting things up with out telling the guys, They guys are true mountain men, They are not that good of actors. That is what I believe, They get too excited and really do not think that Wild Bill can really be that good of an actor!”

Glenda offered: “Mountain Monsters is like a parody of all the Bigfoot hunters. It’s like folk lore. It’s entertaining. Obviously the video asides could not have been filmed in the middle of hiding or other live action. It’s more like a play.. I bet they have a lot of fun.”

Let us know your thoughts on this debate.

“Mountain Monsters” airs Saturdays on Destination America, beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: Discovery Communications/Destination America, used with permission 

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