‘Return to Amish’ Season 4: Sabrina Craves Forgiveness, Does She Make Matters Worse?

Update to Sabrina’s latest legal woes

“Return to Amish” season four is winding down and drama never ceases for the cast. In the latest episode, “From Here to Maternity”, there was more discord between Abe and Jeremiah, while Mary made it her business to be kind and support Sabrina. Let’s get the easy stuff out-of-the-way, shall we?

Rebecca is ready to take her GED exam, and from what we’ve seen, she still has difficulty spitting back the meaning of what she reads. She flies through the paragraphs as she reads out loud and then becomes confused when asked to summarize it. She’s put in the work, so here’s hoping she succeeds and gets to the next step in her march towards employment.

Mary is straddling a thin line between enjoying “English” pleasures and endangering her husband’s status in Amish society. She was warned by a neighbor and her daughter. That is sure to come to a head prior to the end of the season. Then there was that rude woman in Lancaster who interrupted Mary’s lunch with Sabrina to warn her about not invading her sales territory. Talk about insecure!

We got a lovely makeup scene between Rebecca and Carmela, prior to everyone coming back from Florida. At a beautiful evening sunset visit to the beach, Carmela was able to express her hurt about Rebecca’s silence on the boat trip. Despite Jeremiah being skeptical, Carmela accepted an apology after Rebecca’s crying jag. Meanwhile, Jeremiah will not let go of all the things that annoy him about her and Abe. It continued in Pennsylvania whenever Sabrina was involved.

The IVF tests are progressing for Jeremiah and Carmela. The uterine ultrasound was a positive sign. Now it’s up to the sperm check for Jeremiah. Could he have been any more embarrassed when asked to provide a sample? Thank goodness for magazines in the bathroom.

As noted in a recent post here about the “Return to Amish” cast arrests (find that, here), Sabrina’s situation keeps worsening. Last night, she went into early labor and gave birth to a healthy little girl she named Arianna. Mary arranged a baby shower and was there to support Sabrina after the birth. Rebecca refused to show her face and Abe too, although he drove Mary to each appointment.

Jeremiah and Carmela traveled to Pennsylvania to be near Sabrina too. It allowed Jeremiah to berate Abe and continue to say nasty things about him and Rebecca to all who listened, including the new mom. While the baby remained in the hospital, Sabrina got a letter summoning her to a court hearing about custody of the newborn. She lost it a bit, but we were left at the episode’s conclusion hoping she would act accordingly.

Mary called her from outside the courthouse, wondering where she was. Would Sabrina really miss the hearing, knowing what’s on the line? It’s something that keeps Abe and Rebecca from growing close again. Sabrina tends to make matters worse for herself.

“Return to Amish” airs Sundays on TLC, beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: Discovery Communications/TLC, used with permission 

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