Toni Braxton on "Braxton Family Values"

‘Braxton Family Values’: Toni Braxton’s Career vs. Love Life, Only One Is Perfect (SNEAK PEEK)

Tonight on “Braxton Family Values”, there is more fallout from the vacation to Mexico in the episode “There’s Something About Mommy”. You know that isn’t done, right? An unspoken truth is revealed and Toni has to answer for what she did. Miss Evelyn’s head snaps up as she confronts her daughter in the sneak peek video.  RECAP posted below.

That’s not all that’s going on with Toni Braxton, Living Legend, as Tamar calls her. Also in the video clip is a scene between her and Tamar. There is fear in Toni’s eyes as whispers, trying not to strain her voice. It’s about a physical problem that could devastate her.

Toni’s life is emotional at this moment in time. Besides her new health scare, she’s at the stage with Birdman (B, as she calls him) where she realizes that the relationship means a lot to her. Other than her career, there is nothing that fulfills her completely. Listen to her speak about the fear of happiness with her boyfriend and the painful admission that she’s never truly happy unless she’s on stage. That’s what makes the voice issue so frightening to her.

There’s more shade thrown in the Towanda vs. Andre divorce case. As far as we know, the child custody decision has yet to be resolved. No matter what possessions she throws at her husband, it’s never enough. She wanted to trade all her real estate holdings if she could have custody of the kids, or at the very least, joint custody. It’s getting nasty and tonight, the network summary says there is a bombshell ready to drop. Stay tuned…


So…..Toni explained how she had a doctor diagnose her throat problem as yet another manifestation of lupus. We got a great explanation of how that happens and what Toni does to keep herself healthy.

You know how the sisters are always shocked when Toni hangs with them? A lot of rest is necessary for her to keep her immune system at bay, and the meds she takes don’t allow her to sit in the sun. That’s why she wasn’t with them, except for one occasion, when they were sunning themselves in Mexico.

I’m sure we speak for all Toni Braxton fans by saying that whatever she needs to do to maintain her personal health and her career, she should do! She got the stink-eye from Evelyn when it was revealed that Toni arranged the group dinner with Daddy and Wanda. Miss Evelyn listened and accepted that her daughters were trying to uncover the truth about their father’s behavior.

But, there is only so far she’s willing to go. That does not include being in the presence of Wanda and her ex, anytime soon!

Other good news: Towanda’s husband agreed to joint custody. But, they got into a bit of a thing when he informed her that once she remarries he won’t even celebrate occasions with her and the kids. He said he would attend a graduation, but wouldn’t let her see him. Maybe that will change once he realizes how nice Towanda was to give him two of her three homes. The man is stubborn!

How did you like the season of “Braxton Family Values”? It seemed to be a quick one, that’s for sure.

“Braxton Family Values” airs Thursdays on WE tv beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT    Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission 

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