David Norton on Lifetime's "Married At First Sight: Second Chances"

Melika’s Threats Are Manipulating David Norton on ‘Married at First Sight Second Chances’

Updated:  David’s post-show defense  Recap of reunion show. Melika caused David to remain single and more shockers/lies

“Married At First Sight: Second Chances” episode 5 began with Jordan exiting the show after David Norton made the dreaded nighttime breakup-visit. Jordan had proved problematic after saying things about one of David’s favorites on the show, Melika. Just when you thought that the absence of Maya would calm the waters, you learned that it didn’t.

David’s playing a game of Whack-A-Mole, trying to stamp out dissatisfaction and jealousy. With Jordan and Maya gone, he had to deal with Callie and Melika. At the group date, he got cozy with Melika and wanted to kiss her. That went awry when the other ladies spotted them and broke it up, making a joke out of it.

At this point on “Married At First Sight: Second Chances”, nothing is a joke. This is damn serious business and Melika struck back. After David pulled Callie aside to clear the air about her name-calling he was satisfied that she apologized to the others. He was ready to start fresh. He asked her out and they went horseback riding. It went very well, but no good goes unpunished on this show.

Melika went bonkers about David mending fences with Callie and being with her on an alone-date. She doesn’t believe Callie’s apology and began to stir it up with the other women. Then she pulled something straight out of the Maya handbook. She pouted throughout the next group date at a farm, so much so that David insisted on speaking with her about it.

She went on and on about how he hurt her, making her want to step back from him and the process. How could he be with Callie after what Melika told him about her? David feared losing Melika, as he had Maya. Both Melika and Maya used the same tactic. They threatened to blow up their time on the show if they didn’t get their way.

As the pastor told us, David is being led astray by his physical attraction to some of the women, trying to make them happy at the cost of the other women still in the process. Speaking of other women, besides Melika, David’s other favorite is Isabella. He asked her on a second alone-date and things changed radically.

She’s only 23 and has ambitions that she expects to take her traveling around the world. She flat-out told David that she didn’t envision herself settling down to have kids until she approached the age of 30. David about fainted when he heard that, and you have to think she’s the next one to get the knock on her door. We left David in the car ready to breakup with the next person, and here’s betting it’s Isabella.

That means that Melika is the only one he’s really crazy about at this juncture. Since she’s pulling a Maya and manipulating him, that can’t be good. Do you agree?

“Married At First Sight: Second Chance” airs Thursday nights, immediately following the latest episode of “Married At First Sight”‘s new season on Lifetime TV. Image credit: Lifetime, used with permission 

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15 thoughts on “Melika’s Threats Are Manipulating David Norton on ‘Married at First Sight Second Chances’

  1. It is so frustrating watching David, who seems like a great guy, being 100% MANIPULATED by resting-bitch-face Malika (She has more in common with Maya than we thought). He tells her how much he likes her and she says OH. He goes to the apple orchard and is so excited, and she mopes around. She is NOT for him. I can only pray he gets rid of her soon. I was team Jordan 🙁

  2. David needs to spend time with the woman he knew 4 years ago. She doesn’t seem to be a “mean girl”. Neither do the remaining women, with the exception of Callie and Melika. I think David is attracted to mean girls and that is why he cannot find true love. Jordan also seemed genuine.

  3. David needs to spend some time with the woman he knew 4 years ago. She doesn’t seem to be a “mean girl”. Neither do the remaining women, with the exception of Callie and Melika. David keeps chasing after the women who are causing trouble and trying to manipulate him with their constant whining, instead of the ones who are genuine and willing to play by the rules.

  4. What blows my mind is that David specifically said he was tired of girls talking about each other and got rid of Jordan because she talked to him about the other girls (after he asked her to tell him about what she heard!). But then sits there and listens to Melika bitch about Callie and agrees with her when she says she “doesn’t believe Callie’s apology”. And then David says that’s why he likes melika because she’s not afraid to tell him these things?!? This guys needs to revisit his core values because they are not the same for each girl. Stop thinking with your penis!! She doesn’t even like you!! Her body language and what she is actually saying should tell you that!! Ugh! Boys!

  5. David is showing us what that poor wife of His saw. Pathetic drama loving dumbass. I had felt so sorry for how he was treated in his married season but now. What a hypocrite he is. Melina tells him how she hates everything about what he planned on the first date, begs never to come again to where David identifies so strongly to his family values then he asks her out so she can whine again about Callie. If he doesn’t send this girl home this week then I can only say this guy is a fool. Period.

  6. So right….Melika is a terrible fake that David is too stupid to see….he doesn’t give any of the other girls the same amount of attention and just ignores all her drama. It’s going to disgust me if he picks her but maybe he deserves her because he is so blind.

  7. David needs to realize that he has gotten rid of some genuine women, for Melika and she does not truly like him. It’s sad to watch this foolishness unfold, because several ladies have tried to tell him that she is not genuine. He appears to be blinded by looks and not true happiness. Jordan was almost his wife, so obviously she was a good match. He deserves to be alone and miserable because he can’t see who is truly for him and who is just trying to win “The Game”.

  8. I’ve seen comments in other websites about wanting David paired with another contender, Tara. Tara seems the quintessential Southern Belle, patiently waiting to be picked. Frankly, Tara seems quite nice ‘loyal’, and focused more on what a “great guy” and catch David is. Interestingly Melika also senses a potential competitor in Tara because she said Tara should be the next one eliminated because “the two of them look good…only on paper”. David should choose whom he wants and Tara would sadly be second choice. Who wants to feel like that? David has been clear he is attracted to and wants Melika.The other remaining women should seek men who aren’t on the fence about wanting to be with them.

  9. It’s really sad that David does not see Malika’s intentions for what they truly are. He threw Jordan under the bus after he asked her to comment on the drama with the other girls. Once she answered his question, he got upset with her, yet he thanked Melika for telling him the same thing about the drama. I don’t see Melika as genuine, especially after seeing her face when David tried to kiss her on one of the episodes (turned her face so he could kiss her cheek). The whole show is a very poor reflection of what David should be looking for in a wife, not developing “feelings” every time he takes one of the girls out on a date. He seems to be doing a good job of breaking up with potential spouses (namely Jordan) and being determined to stay with those who are clearly not for him.

  10. This guy David was a dork when he was married. I totally understood why his wife didnt want a thing to do with him. He is one pathetic loser…
    Again he will be alone and rightly should be. Hes got the personality of a 15 year old Dork

  11. I laughed during the reunion when he asks Malika for a second chance and she won’t answer and looks at him in disgust. His once chance of a decent woman departed with Tara. He deserves to be alone. The “experts” need to recognize that some of these people are not equipped to deal with real life and stop trying to match losers like him.

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