Buck of the AIMS team on "Mountain Monsters"

‘Mountain Monsters’ Preview: Buck’s On the Run And Three Rings Mystery Revealed (VIDEO)

“Mountain Monsters” is all new Saturday night May 27 on Destination America, as the AIMS team investigates the latest mystery. Last week we left the guys as they gaped at Jeff in the Dark Forest in front of the Three Rings. What the heck are they? That’s one of the items on the menu for us in “The Secret of the Little Girl”.

The title mentions the latest person sighted by Buck when he was in the forest. Last week we saw him return to the spot where he came out of that 90 minutes trance. He went alone because no one from the production crew would accompany him after he disappeared without an explanation. His mission was to get to the spot where he found his phone.

It was like Buck got roused from a deep sleep as he heard the phone ringing, on the ground near a tree. It had found its way from Buck’s person to that spot. It was what he remembered after being what he called “lost” in the forest. What he heard or saw on that phone is still a mystery to all of us, except Buck.

Besides the big reveal about the Three Rings, we’ll learn what Buck found on the phone that he says shook him to his core. He comes clean to the guys. That means we’ll get lots of those solo camera shots of the men as they yell their lines at the camera and try to look mean as heck.”Mountain Monsters” then gives us an other forest chase scene. This time it’s Buck in his pickup careening through the forest paths. He’s on the run from the other team, the one Jeff infiltrated. They’re coming after Buck.

In the sneak peek video posted below, we’re along for the ride  as he tries to lose them. Where’s he going and how will he hide from danger? Stay tuned…As noted each week in these previews, all this action takes us further from the original mission. Perhaps we’ll get back to that at some point.

“Mountain Monsters” airs Saturdays on Destination America, beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT    Image/video credit; Discovery Communications, used with permission

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