Bailee Madison, as Grace, in Hallmark Channel's "Good Witch"

‘Good Witch’ Extended Preview: Grace’s Birthday Wish On Her Special Day (VIDEO)

“Good Witch” Season 3 presents “A Birthday Wish”, Sunday night May 28 on Hallmark Channel. That touch of magic becomes part of a milestone birthday for Grace. Out comes the Merriwick Wish Book, pages and cover fraying, held together with a red ribbon.

In the sneak peek of the episode posted below, Cassie presents it to her daughter and as she opens it, you can almost hear the pages crackle from age. It’s time for Grace to include her own wish in the book, which she’s assured by Cassie, will come true. With that comes some pressure, believe it or not.

Abigail explains to Grace why she regrets the trivial nature of her own wish from years ago. When Grace looks for her mom’s page, it’s blank. Abigail explains the heartbreaking reason for that as we continue to get background on Cassie’s life before we picked it up at the beginning of the “Good Witch” series.

That’s not all in store for Grace on her special day. Martha explains the Middleton tradition of a foundational stone. It gets hand-painted and placed somewhere in town, so that the person will always be remembered. As is typical of Martha, she gets flustered when she searches for her stone and can’t find it. Her fear is that she will be forgotten when the story of Middleton is told, which we know is utter nonsense. Who could forget Martha?

At the end of a fun-filled day, Cassie and Grace finally have their time together over cake and ice cream. In a tender moment between them, Grace gives Cassie an unexpected and touching gift. Cassie then takes a faded envelope out of an old jewelry box, and reads her wish she had made on her special birthday. The relationship between this mother and daughter is not just heartwarming, it’s extraordinary.

“Good Witch” airs Sundays on Hallmark Channel, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† Image/video credit: Crownmedia US, used with permission¬†

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