Mary, Rebecca, Abe, Carmela and Jeremiah in "Return to Amish" on TLC

‘Return to Amish’: The Early Signs of Trouble Between Jeremiah and Carmela

There was a fleeing situation, then a reunion on the latest “Return to Amish”. After fighting reached a peak for Carmela, she took the boys and drove to see her eldest son in Washington. Jeremiah became despondent and anxious.

Despite telling him to leave her alone, he tried to reach her by phone without any success. It was back to Pennsylvania and the supportive Mary for him. Rebecca and Abe were kind as well, telling Jeremiah to express not only his remorse, but his pledge about the future. Carmela was tired of returning to him after promises of change that didn’t materialize or appeared then disappeared.

Mary, Abe and Rebecca urged him to put her first, if necessary, which isn’t Jeremiah’s standard operating procedure. Over Mary’s objections, Abe and Rebecca recommended counseling, which they believed helped them learn how to express feelings that when suppressed caused anger and disagreements.

Jeremiah flew to see Carmela who only agreed to see him outside the apartment. She listened with interest when he said he would be open to marriage counseling. She took it under advisement but got through to her husband regarding her need to remain out of contact. Back he went to Pennsylvania, but was in agony without any communication. Just when he’d given up hope she appeared, and the two embraced, professing their undying love.

They visited the same counselor used by Rebecca and Abe, and both he and the audience got a taste of how their arguments escalate and why. Jeremiah’s anger vs. Carmela’s instinct to flee were on full display, and the counselor took both of them to task.

We wrote about the recent trouble “Return to Amish” cast members had that resulted in arrests. (You can find that, here). Jeremiah was in custody after an arrest for domestic violence. The counselor could see something brewing, and of course, a few months after filming ended for the season, Jeremiah landed in jail. He’s out and it’s unclear whether or not the couple have or will reconcile.

While Carmela hasn’t said anything about physical abuse on the series, she had lots to say after her husband went to jail.

In other action, Rebecca fled her GED exam feeling like a failure, but it led to a lovely scene with Abe. He apologized for his previous objections and encouraged her to keep going. Sabrina’s trouble continued and she was ready to voluntarily surrender custody of Arianna. The sadness was overwhelming. Sabrina is also part of the cast arrests story, which looks like she’s fallen back into a dangerous pattern.

“Return to Amish” airs Sundays on TLC beginning at 8 p.m. ET/PT ¬† ¬†Image credit: Discovery Communications/TLC, used with permission¬†

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