Stan on Discovery Channel's "Yukon Men"

‘Yukon Men’: Stan’s Dog Team Tries To Rescue Tanana’s Water Supply (VIDEO)

“Yukon Men” presents a tense situation that could be disastrous if not handled in a timely fashion. On the episode airing Friday night June 2, it’s up to Stan Zuray and his dog team to restore the water supply to the village of Tanana.

In the sneak peek video clip of the episode posted below, we’re given the stakes and the circumstances. There’s an 18-mile stretch of road that has to be traversed to pick up a key piece of water pipe. Some or all of it, depending on conditions, can only be managed with a sled and dogs.

It was up to Charlie Wright to get the pipe delivered from Fairbanks. The shipper abandoned it in deep snow on the new road. Check out what Stan’s got in store for himself and his dogs. There is a time factor that makes this critical after extreme sub-zero temperatures froze Tanana’s supply of fresh water. The clock is ticking before it runs dry.

But, dogs are not creatures that are impervious to the conditions or to injury. When Stan notices drops of blood in the driving snow, he is faced with a dilemma that may not end well for the people of Tanana.

Also on this week’s “Yukon Men”, Chris Morse’s father Stuart returns to the Cosna after forty years. During the visit tensions run high when the men try to collaborate on an ambitious homestead improvement project.

This season digs deeper into the life of each Yukon family like never before. For many villagers, the future of Tanana is uncertain. Will the residents embrace change or will external forces end a way of life dating back hundreds of years?

“Yukon Men” is produced for Discovery Channel by Paper Route where Alan LaGarde and Nick Guettler are Executive Producers. Dave Freed and Mitchell Rosenbaum are Executive Producers and Brian Peterson is Coordinating Producer for Discovery Channel.

“Yukon Men” airs Fridays on Discovery beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT  Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission 

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