Catherine Bell as Cassie in Hallmark Channel's "Good Witch"

‘Good Witch’ Preview of ‘Say It With Candy’: Abigail Not Up To Task Of Being Like Cassie! (VIDEO)

“Good Witch” is all new Sunday night June 4 on Hallmark Channel. It’s been a season of love and intrigue which continues with the episode “Say It With Candy” and Abigail’s envy might just get the best of her. Sneak Peek posted below!

She’s watched Cassie have a hand in changing things for the better in Middleton. She even gave it a go herself when she arranged to have Grace and Nick “arrested” at the mayor’s office. When she wants to make more of an impact, she does it with chocolate. Cassie helps her find a way to spread good feeling while increasing sales at her shop.

The good news is that Middleton residents can’t get enough of her chocolates after their spirits rise. The bad news for Abigail is that the demand soon makes her question the commitment to continue; being Cassie is hard work! Speaking of Cassie, she throws a dinner party to welcome people to town. Sam’s friend Liam from New York settles in Middleton with his teen son Noah.

On Good Witch”, secrets have a way of being revealed, and Sam’s son Nick has one. It comes to light when his dad wonders why he’s not excited to have Liam back in his life. An incident from the past sees the light of day, explaining Nick’s feelings.

Some humor with all the drama is provided once again by Martha, the town’s mayor. As she shops at Bell, Book & Candle, she reveals to Tara and Cassie that she and her hubby have been married 32 years, with all their ups and downs included. Tara tries to compliment Martha on the length of her marriage, but stumbles over her words. Leave it to Martha to turn in into an opportunity for a social occasion, which Tara feels obligated to attend.

“Good Witch” airs Sunday nights on Hallmark Channel, beginning at 9 p.m. ET.    Image/video credit: Crownmedia US, used with permission 

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