Bailee Madison, Rhys Bond on "In Sickness and in Health", episode of "Good Witch" on Hallmark Channel

‘Good Witch’: Cassie Helps Artist Predict Future (VIDEO)

Updated: Did latest episode demonstrate trouble is brewing as painting predicted?

Tonight on Hallmark Channel’s “Good Witch” there’s more than magic in the air at Grey House. In the episode, “In Sickness and in Health”, a new person shows up, and Cassie helps him with his creative work. RECAP posted below.

He’s Harrison Boyd, an artist in need of a paint brush and Cassie just happens to have one at Bell, Book & Candle. His paintings are of people in Cassie’s life in scenes of activity that have yet to occur….but do. It’s not like the artist knows what the finished product will look like, because he doesn’t. While some artists let the ideas flow as they create a piece, there’s usually some direction in mind, not in Boyd’s work. Check out the extended preview clip posted below.

Meanwhile, we know that there are multiple stories running simultaneously in “Good Witch” episodes and this one is no different. Mayor Tinsdale asks Cassie to once again, coordinate the annual Healthfest. She’s fairly close to a doctor, don’t you know? She presses Sam into service to assist and cover the scientific side of things.

It’s not that Sam’s thrilled about it, but Cassie has her special persuasion techniques. Unfortunately, the two have very different ways of going about the project and there’s some head butting. It’s a first for the couple, but once they get in sync, which they do, they choose to take on an additional project. It seems that some of Cassie’s customers and Sam’s patients are suffering similar symptoms. A great job of sleuthing begins with the hope of clearing up the problem.

After her big birthday, Grace experiences a letdown at school. Her classmate Larissa gets the coveted spot as captain of the academic decathlon team. When Laura’s performance isn’t up to par, Grace wonders if she is unconsciously affecting the outcome. More magic tonight on “Good Witch”.


The mystical experience of looking at painting that capture moments in the lives of our favorite characters is not over. It isn’t often that something carries over as a cliffhanger on “Good Witch” but it’s coming.

The artwork donated to Grey House pictured Sam and Cassie, unsmiling while sitting next to each other but not touching hands. Grace was standing with hands on hips in an angry stance, staring at Nick who was schmoozing with an unidentified girl. Uncharacteristically, Cassie, refused to believe it stood for something. “Maybe it’s just a painting,” she said. Stay tuned.

Sam and Cassie had their irritations while working on the Healthfest, mostly because he stepped in with without consulting Cassie on decisions he made. Her usual choices for tables at the event were pushed aside for additions chosen by Sam. He had no problem finding the time, but it pitted his medical professional displays against Cassie’s customers who recommend more holistic and homeopathic treatments.

Of course there was a way to solve it and all were accommodated, but it was the other combo effort that led to something very odd. Presumably the writers wanted us to see that when Cassie and Sam work together on something it doesn’t have to be a tug-of-war.

Yet, there was a methane gas leak that got locals sick and while discovering that was important, the way it was dismissed as a mere inconvenience for a day or two was way off. Granted, “Good Witch” is a work of fiction, but it would take way more than a day or so for authorities to determine if the air quality was safe for folks to be in their homes.

Getting some fresh air, as Sam said, would make them good as new. Sometimes it would be better to stick to the magical and mystical plot lines, rather than insert real life into the episodes. Stay tuned for the follow-up on the sour faces in that painting.

“Good Witch” airs Sundays on Hallmark Channel beginning at 9 p.m.    Image/video credit: Crownmedia US    Used with permission

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