Catherine Bell and James Denton as Cassie and Sam, Season 3 "Good Witch" on Hallmark Channel

‘Good Witch’ Season 3 Preview: Will Sam Show Up For His Own Party?

Updated: Recap with big question – was painting correct, predicting trouble in Middleton?

“Good Witch” is all new June 18 on Hallmark Channel and both surprises and memories pop up everywhere in Middleton. In the episode “Somewhat Surprising”, Sam and Abigail are reminded of their past and it affects them in very different ways

First, let’s realize that Sam isn’t a fan of big, elaborate parties in his honor. How does he know one’s coming? He just does because nothing’s truly a secret in town. Cassie began with the idea of celebrating the anniversary of his move to Middleton, but a small party got out of control. It’s a good thing that Cassie knows pretty much everything she needs to about people’s likes and dislikes, especially those in her closest circle.

That would include Sam, so she reaches back for something iconic from his past to delight him. With the help of Officer Sanders, Cassie creates something very special. Sam was expecting an event he wasn’t thrilled about and is warmly surprised. Once again he is blessed with the love and caring of his girlfriend.

Memories also factor in to what Abigail is dealing with this week on “Good Witch”. A piece of her dad’s clothing resurfaces ,bringing back thoughts of when she saw his last as a little girl. He used to delight her with gifts sent from his international travels. When someone claiming to work for the Postal Service delivers a package, postmarked 20 years ago, magic happens!

The triangle of Grace, Nick and Noah continues, with Grace still interested in getting to know Noah better. Nick needs to get past his anger from years ago for harmony to begin. Enter a great idea that might just get the boys to reconcile.

“Good Witch” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Hallmark Channel. Image/video credit: Crownmedia Press US, used with permission¬†

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