Omari Hardwick as James St. Patrick and William Handler as Tony Teresi

‘Power’ Recap: In ‘We’re In This Together’, Tommy In Ninja Mode, Tariq Gettin’ Some? (VIDEO)

The episode “We’re In This Together”, fourth in this season 4 of “Power” on STARZ, required you to have your head on a swivel to catch the furious action and plot points that came from every angle. Let’s begin with what most affects Ghost as he sits there in his cell.

That guard almost crushed his windpipe, his former partner Tommy Egan came this close to thinking Ghost was gonna’ snitch, Tasha was offered a deal by Angela to save herself and the kids, but turned it down, and the feds lost a couple of significant battles. Not only is the DNA out of the case, so is the gun. Yes, the one that Mike Sandoval planted in St. Patrick’s office. Truth got shut down by the feds as part of the RICO case they’ve building against Tommy and Ghost, and LaKeisha’s salon was shuttered as well. Money troubles anyone?

Proctor got booted from the case thanks to the feds arguing that he had a conflict of interest after representing Tommy a while back. When he presented the plea deal to St. Patrick, that would make him snitch on Tommy, the judge ruled that Proctor could not have had his client’s best interest at heart. This might be the toughest thing to deal with for Ghost, ’cause now, all he’s got defending him is the guy Silver, who he doesn’t trust. Check out the video clip of Proctor informing Ghost about it.

Angela had quite a journey herself. She began by getting spurned by Tasha, despite her getting under Mrs. St. Patrick’s skin. In the video clip below, listen to her pitch and Tasha’s blunt answer. Later on, Angela figured it all out about the gun. When Proctor told her that it was excluded from the case, he also told her enough to make her wonder if she has been wrong. She re-watched the security cam footage of the night she arrested Ghost at the club. There he was in his office, doing last-minute things. No gun in sight. As she said to herself, “S—t , He didn’t plant the gun”. Ya’ think, girl?

“Power” has always turned on the relationship between St. Patrick and Tommy Egan and the two have had their differences. On occasion one might wonder where loyalties lie, particularly when it came to Angela, but ultimately the two came through for each other. This week it was no different. Ghost was adamant about refusing any deal that would have him turn on Tommy for the drug ring and the Lobos murder.

Tommy had moments of doubt, but Proctor set him straight. He found out he was wrong at Proctor’s place when the attorney was meeting up with Bailey Markham, the Homeland Security agent who wanted to clear his pal Greg Knox. The fed offered to work with Proctor to get a deal for Ghost, only if he’d turn on Tommy and clear Knox. Tommy jumped out from behind some furniture and stabbed the agent multiple times.

What got Tommy that upset was listening to a tape of him talking with Ruiz, implicating himself in the drug business. That tape had not yet gotten into the prosecution’s hands. When Tommy insisted on smashing the laptop with the audio file, Proctor said he’d take care of it, unsure whether or not there’s another copy of it somewhere. Guess we’ll find that out when the prosecutors learn about the agent’s death.

Tommy’s other problems, in no particular order are LaKeisha getting jealous of T spending time overnight with Tasha and the kids. Then there was the testosterone standoff with Julio. Julio’s got customers telling him to get bigger gonads so Tommy respects him. It didn’t go well with T, as you know, but that’s a simmering cauldron to watch.

One of the most combustible situations this season on “Power” is Tariq being turned against his parents by Kanan, known to the kid as Slim. They’re still hanging, drinking, smoking some weed and Jr. just got his first wad of cash wrapped in a rubber band. That was for helping on the robbery of his school pal’s home. When Kanan asked him help out again, it was no problem for Tariq. As a thank you, Kanan had the kid stay during a party, sending him him into a bedroom with a young woman who was ready to give him his first sexual experience. Never gonna’ get Tariq away from Slim now.

Here’s the detail on how Tony Teresi got his comeuppance. When Tommy dropped off the first delivery of $20,000 in cash, he learned from a gangster pal of Tony’s just enough to allow Ghost to have blackmail info. Teresi and his gang killed someone named Roberto Selletti, who is connected to a family that would take it out on Teresi’s cancer-stricken wife if they knew. It was quite a well executed plan.

Things are coming apart for Tasha and the kids. The quarterly tuition check bounced and she has a week to get it to the school or the kids are out. Raina found cash in her brother’s room and combined with how he’s been acting, she’s getting ready to blow. Wait ’til Tasha learns about this.

“Power” airs Sundays on STARZ, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT ¬† ¬†Image/video credit: STARZ, used with permission¬†

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