Cody Knapek in season 5 "Married at First Sight"

‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: Cody Messed Up Milwaukee Weekend With Danielle, Please Make It Stop!

Decision day is close for three couples on this season of “Married At First Sight”. You have to hand it to the editors who have kept us guessing about two of the three couples. Nathan and Sheila go up and down, and there are still prickly issues for Anthony and Ashley.

But, the fate of Cody and Danielle is about sealed, unless you think that in the remaining days prior to decision day, Danielle will change her mind about physical intimacy. There they were last night, having a great weekend in Milwaukee, when Cody hit the same key on his internal keyboard.

You could see Danielle’s eyes glaze over, and her voice-over said it all. Cody reminded her for the umpteenth time that without sex in a marriage he couldn’t hang on. Instead of just going with the good vibes, using the final weekend to make his most romantic pitch without saying the words, he might have had a chance.

“Married At First Sight” for Cody has been “hard”, “tough”. He uses those descriptors every few minutes on camera to explain his psychic and physical pain. We had suggested a drinking game to coincide with his use of those words, but were unable to continue due to extreme intoxication.

If we didn’t know how much he was suffering we learned it the graphic way. In the previous week’s show Danielle walked in on him in another bedroom, seeming to indulge his pent-up desires, all by himself.

In his defense Cody has been unable to read any signals from Danielle, and it’s possible she’s not sending the correct one. Then again, he’s young and clearly inexperienced; marriage finally got him out of his mom’s house. Danielle keeps hoping for confidence and a take-charge attitude, but despite getting very little of it, was on the verge of what looked like a breakthrough in Milwaukee. Then Cody opened his mouth and those words dripped out.

It’s unclear if any of us could have gotten past the public humiliation of being at the group dinner with the other couples, and having Cody tell everyone his marriage is sexless. Danielle was able to continue, but then again, she’s under contract. On Twitter last night, we noted that we longed for someone to put us out of our misery as the Milwaukee trip was yet another epic fail.

As for Sheila and Nate, they were healed by time away from each other and a pep talk from the pastor. In a recent posting on Twitter, a fan took a screen shot from a local TV news program on which Sheila appeared, still using the last name of Duhon. Is it a sign?

Ashley and Anthony are playing this game of chicken about the three magic words of “I love you”, but it seems like they will be moving forward unless her sister crashes their party. Thoughts?

“Married At First Sight” Season 5 airs Thursdays on Lifetime.  Image credit: A&E/Lifetime, used with permission 

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