Daniel and Liz Hodges with quints and young son in Temple, Texas. New show coming on TLC!

Hodges Family In New TLC Show Coming This Fall, ‘Hodges Half-Dozen’ Working Title (Photos)

These are the images of Daniel and Liz Hodges in Temple, Texas, along with their infant quints and big brother Rowan. They were just released to the public to tease a new show on TLC, coming this fall.

The series with a working title of Hodges Half-Dozen is produced by Thinkfactory Media for TLC. It will follow the Hodges from way before the happy homecoming. They are a small-town Texan family that became super-sized overnight. Wait, where have we seen this before?

Oh, that’s right, Outdaughtered is a show about the Busby family with a daughter who was joined by female quints, creating a super-sized family in Texas. It’s become a big hit for the network, and the premiere of new episodes this summer brought the largest audience ever in the show’s history. Danielle and Adam Busby are going through tough times two years into the family explosion.

Daniel and Liz Hodges with quints, ready for new show on TLC
Daniel and Liz Hodges with quints, ready for new show on TLC

Unlike that show, it won’t begin with the quints already born. Hodges Half-Dozen (working title) covers Liz’s challenging pregnancy, the quints’ stay in NICU, and how they’ll adjust to life as a family of eight. Liz and Daniel used fertility drugs to conceive Rowan and tried using the same drugs for a second baby, but instead got five!

Liz thinks boys are the most fun and she’s now mother to five boys and one little girl, Teagan. Daniel, a former Marine, is enrolled in medical school so it will be a struggle for the family to stay on budget. Viewers will also meet Liz and Daniel’s extended family who are there to support them every step of the way. Are you excited?

Images care of TLC, used with permission.

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