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‘Kendra On Top’ Preview: Party in Vegas Interrupted, More Mom Horror! (VIDEO)

“Kendra On Top” reaches a point tonight, when the gloves come off in a big way between Patti and Kendra. First there was supposed to be a tell-all book, then that idea was scrapped.

In the sneak peek of the episode posted below, watch as Kendra’s brother Colin gets a big surprise. Pattie, his mom’s friend drops off an envelope that will send the Kendra world spinning . “I thought she wasn’t doing that anymore,” Colin says. Guess what? She is.

There are back-to-back episodes of “Kendra On Top” tonight on WE tv, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The book revelation comes during “As the Page Turns”, which isn’t just about the gnashing of teeth. Kendra moves to Vegas & plans a wild bachelorette party. It’s while her daughter’s having a good time that mom Patti goes to work on chapter one.

In the second episode “Frenemy Mine”, the party is in full swing, but nothing is sacred to Patti. There’s another ritual walk-out, something she’s famous for doing. Kendra isn’t innocent of that flaw in her personality either. She’s been known to march out the door when she’s had it. Only later does Pattie, in the video above, shock the “you know what” out of Colin.  Get the popcorn ready.

In season 6, fresh off the heels of Boot Camp, Kendra’s mother, Patti, plays a dangerous game when she gets serious about writing a tell-all book. Kendra & her mom are in different lanes, threatening hopes of reuniting with the grandkids. Can Kendra navigate life with her mom, who is at odds with Hank, her dad, Eric, & his new wife, Amy? Kendra’s offered a racy starring role in Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man in Las Vegas, and when Hank’s not on board, she must prioritize career or family.

“Kendra On Top” airs Friday nights on WE tv, beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT    Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission 

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