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‘Storage Wars’: Mary Padian Offered Sweet Backyard Deal To Jarrod and Brandi

It was Mary Padian night in back-to-back episodes of “Storage Wars”. The Texas turned Cali businesswoman teamed up with Kenny in San Bernardino, then worked out a deal with Jarrod and Brandi after finding treasures in Mentone, California.

It was fun night without Darrell Sheets and Dave Hester in the first episode. In Mentone, Darrell was present and grumpy until he hit the jackpot, but the fun bunch didn’t let it affect them. Kenny has become part of the group and after some tutoring sessions does just fine on his own.

He’s still thrilled when any sort of small kitchen appliance appears, because his thoughts always turn to feeding himself, particularly hamburgers. He and Mary helped each other unpack their units, but Mary had overbid for a locker that saw her lost $150 overall.

Kenny, however had a great haul, despite him getting creeped out by the “666” on one of the boxes. He turned a profit of $1145 on items that included magician’s props.

“Storage Wars” season 10 has brought us Kenny as a regular, and introduced the new auctioneer Emily Wears who has alternated with the Dotsons for screen time. Emily returned for the Mentone auction fresh from her honeymoon. She noted to Mary, who had gotten an invite but declined, that she missed meeting some good looking guys.

Trying to make up for not celebrating with her, Mary hooked up with Brandi and they decorated Emily’s SUV to let everyone know she was “Just Married”. It touched Emily so much that she chose to stick around and help Mary unpack her locker. Padian did just fine as far as profit was concerned, earning $560, but it was how she got that last $100 that was intriguing.

She unearthed an outdoor planter that stood almost four feet high. Not knowing what to do with it she schlepped it to the Schultz-Passante residence where Jarrod promptly assembled it in the backyard. Then the horse trading began. He offered Mary $100 for it, and promised that he would buy seeds, soil and grow plants, then cut her in for 50% of what he produced.

Hmmm, this was not a planted for veggies, and it’s unclear if the two would want to split half a crop of summer flowers. Let’s see, what else could they possible have been growing in there? You be the judge! All we know is that Brandi and Mary clinked copper mugs full of refreshments as they toasted the deal.

“Storage Wars” airs Wednesdays on A&E TV ¬†Image credit: A&E, used with permission¬†

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