Jessica helps Jennifer escape before her mom discovers her gone on "Escaping Polygamy"

‘Escaping Polygamy’ Returns With Powerful Third Season, Preview Of What To Expect

“Escaping Polygamy”, the original A&E docuseries returns Monday night August 7 at 10 p.m. The show follows sisters Andrea, Jessica and Shanell in their post-polygamy life. To leave they had to escape and since then have devoted their lives to helping others do the same. We’re talking about the Kingston Clan, i.e. The Order, but this season there will be other groups whose members reach out to the sisters.

Last season we saw what was to be the end of the women relying on a shadowy figure called “The Insider”, who lived within The Order, but acted to help those wanting to escape. We never learned if it was a man or woman, but one thing is certain. The sisters were tired of the games.

After the IRS raid, The Insider was said to have left, and wanted a meet-up with the sisters. They were correct to be concerned and skeptical, particularly since the location included land belonging to The Order. Not only didn’t The Insider leave, but the women saw members of The Order, and were protected by their security team.

As Jessica said, “We didn’t ask them to be our little spy on the inside. They found us. … We’re the people you call when you are ready to leave, not the people you call when you’re thinking about it. I’m pissed at them.” She vowed to never entertain another meeting until The Insider was clearly gone from The Order.

This season on “Escaping Polygamy” the many people who enlist help from the girls include a son of powerful FLDS prophet Warren Jeffs who leaves the religion to find his mother who he has been separated from for most of his life; a mother hoping to find her daughters who have been hidden within an elite group in the FLDS community; and a young girl who desperately wants to rescue the love of her life in a dangerous mission that further exposes the dark and treacherous realities of polygamy.

“Escaping Polygamy” airs its season 3 premiere, Monday night August 7 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on A&E.   Image credit: A&E, used with permission

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