Drew Carey, host of "The Price is Right" with A.V. Club's John Tetti

Celebrate ‘The Price is Right’ 46th Season: EXCLUSIVE Look At John Teti’s Dream Come True on ‘The A.V. Club’ (VIDEO)

In the photo above, that’s Drew Carey host of “The Price is Right” with fanboy John Teti who hosts his own show on Fusion TV. “The A.V. Club”, the taste-making entertainment website, made its jump to TV this past March with a new comedy and commentary show on FUSION TV, hosted by editor-at-large, John Teti.

The Chicago-based series features the editorial brains behind the iconic pop culture site sharing their distinct perspective on movies, music, television, and more. Each week, Teti dives into another corner of pop culture. Is he one of the biggest fans of “The Price Is Right”? You bet he is and in a dream come true, check out the magical moment when he gets the full in-studio treatment.

Teti took his own show to Los Angeles to go behind-the-scenes and speak with those working on the longest-running game show in television history. It’s a bucket list item he no longer has to worry about and it airs this Thursday August 10 at 9 on FUSION TV.

“From both a personal and professional standpoint, it was a dream come true to go behind the scenes of “The Price Is Right,” America’s longest-running and, in my opinion, greatest game show ever,” Teti said. “I have loved this show since I was a little boy, so to meet Drew Carey and have my own ‘Come On Down’ moment was a special thrill.”

The “A.V. Club” host is enough of a geek to want a deep dive into the show’s production, provided by E.P Mike Richards. What would a visit to the set be without a chat with announcer George Gray? And last but not least, models Rachel Reynolds and Amber Lancaster give Teti a tutorial about how to show off a new car on stage. Tune in Thursday night August 10 at 9 for the tribute to “The Price is Right”.

“The A.V. Club” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fusion   Image/video credit: Fusion TV, used with permission 

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