Bryan Abasolo and Rachel Lindsay on "Live With Kelly and Ryan"

Rachel Reveals If She’s Taking Bryan’s Last Name on ‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’

Hot topic this morning is the finale of “The Bachelorette” season 13 with Rachel Lindsay. She chose Bryan after he proposed to her on an elevated, windswept spot in Rioja, Spain. It was after a torturous look at one of the most gut wrenching breakups in the show’s history.

Peter couldn’t pull the trigger and propose to Rachel despite seeing her in his future and yearning for it to be so. Rachel’s decision to stop waiting for someone to want what she wanted at the same time led to some harsh words on Peter’s part.

In the season finale, when Peter took the stage after the scenes of the breakup concluded, he apologized for telling Rachel her life would be “mediocre” with anyone else, as if he wished it upon her. There he was on the live stage sitting on the coach with Rachel, across from Chris Harrison, surrounded by hundreds of fans in a studio. He said he didn’t recall saying it, and was as stunned as Rachel to relive the moment.

Rachel couldn’t sit far enough away from him, and her face completely changed. She looked angry and her tone of voice reflected it. She accepted his apology, and then revealed that she turned down the opportunity to be back in touch with Peter after filming ended. He reached out to her and by that time she had chosen Bryan and was not interested in hearing another word.

On “Live with Kelly and Ryan” today, Seacrest had to know how Bryan Abasolo felt about watching his now-fiancee have that goodbye scene, including some deep and very soulful kisses. As he did on “The Bachelorette”, Bryan took it all in stride and was positive.

“Obviously it’s strange to watch your fiance date thirty other guys. You know what? I’m mentally strong and came into this process knowing that she was going to have relationships with other guys, strong connections, even love. At the end of the day I knew she could only be in love with one man, and that was me!”

The couple didn’t reveal anything more than they did on the finale about their wedding plans, where they will reside and what they’re looking forward to. But, Rachel was very straightforward and clear about one thing. She’ll drop Lindsay as her last name after she’s married. Rachel Abasolo has a nice ring to it!

It’s not like it’s a done deal with everyone, as we learned on “Married At First Sight” Season 5. Couple Ashley and Anthony went ’round and ’round about it, without ever getting to closure.

What did you think of Bryan winning the hand of Rachel Lindsay? Is he second best?

Video: Entertainment Tonight, used with permission. Image, used with permission of ABC.

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