Mars and Doug on TLC's "Rattled"

‘Rattled’ Preview: Is There Baby # 2 On the Way For Doug and Mars? Uh Oh… (PREVIEW)

PREVIEW: Pregnancy test results are in! Brooke & Weston go at it over childcare

“Rattled” is all new Tuesday night August 8 on TLC, and it’s all about the money. Who thinks a new house is necessary for a growing family? Who thinks a return to work will make a situation better? Who might be pregnant again?

Wait, pregnant again? Yes, Mars thinks she might be having another baby. Little Sofia is about to turn two years-old and the struggle in the household has yet to be resolved. Mars and Doug have been arguing, seemingly on an endless loop about sharing responsibilities for caring and raising Sofia. Will the thought of a new pregnancy only ramp up the tension and problems? This is when the show’s title, “Rattled” takes on new meaning.

Ashley and Tyson made their home into a workplace after having quadruplets (two sets of identical twins), so it shouldn’t surprise you to hear they believe it may be time to expand their space. That means upheaval, which only gets ramped up with Ashley’s wish to do a custom build. Tyson’s mind goes to the additional financial burden.

The time has come for Brooke to take steps to return to her pro wrestling career after Weston quits his job. The couple was surprised by their pregnancy, and Brooke was forced to step away while she carried the baby. Why did Weston walk away from his own career mere weeks before the baby was born? At this point it doesn’t matter, but someone’s got to bring home the bacon.

Last week we watched Aly and Josh get the news they dreaded. Their surrogate chose to keep her daughter, crushing them at the last minute. At this point, it’s up to prayer to carry them forward and keep them on an even keel.

“Rattled” airs on TLC, Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT  Image/video  credit: TLC, used with permission 

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