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Kick Line Drill Is Make or Break Moment On ‘Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team’ Season 12

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It’s day two of auditions for the 2017 team, and the cheerleader hopefuls are about to be the rubber that meets the road. Episode 2 of season 12, “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” proves that despite planning for what’s about to occur, you aren’t guaranteed to succeed.

Yes, it’s time for the 119 women remaining get on that enormous football field, feel the grass beneath them and project on that monstrously large screen. There is one hour to learn a power pom routine and get the hang of the famous kick line, if they want to make training camp. The final move is the jump split, which hurts just looking at it.

This one audition session is the ultimate test of technique, hamstrings and fitness on “DCC: Making the Team”, and it airs Thursday night August 10. For the women auditioning, this should come as no surprise. They know it’s coming, unless they’ve been in a coma since the series began to air on CMT.

You could be the most gorgeous woman around, with a body made for that famous uniform, but it you don’t show you can kick your leg so that it nearly meets your nose, then land on the ground with your legs like scissor blades, you are toast. Here’s a video from a few seasons ago that breaks the move down in slow motion.

It’s not just the height of the kicks, it’s how straight your leg is, and if you can keep your arms in the same position on the shoulders of those next to you without pushing too hard and spoiling the perfect alignment. It’s a million different things, but it’s the key to everything. Good luck to those who are still in contention.


First, let’s just say that the elimination process was interesting for one reason: we’ve never seen both Judy and Kelli take a back seat due to a potential conflict of interest. Dayton, a legacy candidate was going to have to sink or swim without their help. She didn’t rock the house, but made the cut.

Last week’s darling, Brianna didn’t impress on the kick line, and with legs that long you’d have thought she’d have killed. Yet, she was pushed ahead, because Kelli is all in on her. As she said, “I’ll stand behind her with a string and pull those legs up”, that’s how much she wants her on the team.

It can be a cold business to give the thumbs up or thumbs down, and once again we learned how candidates are judged for things other than talent.

Case in point: Whitney, who returned for her fifth audition process. Last week she made the cut to get to the semi-finals, despite Kelli’s belief she isn’t made for the team. When decision time came to move on, she was voted down. One judge said that more was expected after five tries. Another said that if her performance was similar to a rookie candidate, deference should be given to the newbie. Not necessarily the most solid of logic, but that’s how it went down.

The show made a big point of highlighting some returning veterans who had issues in previous seasons. Yuko, the Japanese woman who missed a lot of time at training camp due to visa issues, was so homesick she cried a lot. Kelli and Judy paired her up with a veteran who was willing to get her acclimated and Yuko is a new woman this season.

Good old Kelsey, she of the very wrong answers during the panel interviews was asked if she’s ready to be grilled again. She claims she is, but just to be certain, she was given ideas for topics to study, you know like politics, the Cowboys team and their draft picks. Who can forget her saying that the football field has 50, rather than 100 yards?

Then there’s Cersten, an unusual cheerleader because she’s off to medical school next year if she does well on her standardized test. Judy and Kelli wanted to know when the test was and if it would conflict with training camp. Not that they don’t wish her well, but without your head in the game 24/7, it’s hard to repeat.

With 28 vets in the mix once training camp begins, they’ll be under the gun to justify their desire to return.

Choreographer Judy Trammell made pointed remarks as the camera cruised through veterans on the practice floor. They were all about effort and looks. Who isn’t looking her best, both in body and overall. Get ready for use of the words “thick” or “crease” to indicate someone’s body is bigger or less tight. Looking less than thrilled all the time while dancing will be another way for the ladies to be told they’re not holding up their end of the bargain.

A few seasons ago a string of veterans where eliminated during training camp . Are the rookies ready to fill some slots at the expense of others? That’s when the tension and cattiness is at its highest. Stay tuned…

“DCC: Making the Team” airs Thursday on CMT beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: CMT   Videos: YouTube, CMT and Ned Yates

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