Shawn Pomrenke a/k/a Mr. Gold on "Bering Sea Gold"

Shawn, ‘Mr. Gold’ Pomrenke’s Failure Is Everyone’s Gain: New Season ‘Bering Sea Gold’ (SNEAK PEEK)

It’s time for gold rush 2017, thanks to Shawn Pomrenke on this season of “Bering Sea Gold”. It’s back to the winter ice-mining season, and it all begins Friday night August 11 on Discovery. Last season, with everyone desperate to find new sources of gold, Mr. Gold spent big on a risky maneuver and lost.

According to Discovery, “Last summer, was a tough season for Shawn Pomrenke, aka Mr. Gold, who was outbid by other miners for the Nome Gold claim. In his quest to grab the reins and lead his father’s company into the future, Shawn staked a claim at the remote, uninhabitable Alaskan badlands known as The Bluff, but will his claim be rejected? If it is, The Bluff will be open to anyone willing to make the arduous trek with a six-inch dredge.”

All you have to do is watch the sneak peek preview clip posted below to understand the euphoria and chaos. It’s winter ice-mining season and after Pomrenke’s failure, he has more motivation, if that’s even possible, to beat the competition.

With livelihoods at stake, Shawn and his crew focus on building a mega-dredge that dwarfs anything on the Bering Sea – a risk that could catapult his operation. Or could sink the entire business before even getting started. When you gamble it all, the payoff can be so alluring you just have to go for it.

With his track record, Shawn Pomrenke is incapable of believing he could go down twice in two seasons. Meanwhile, Kris Kelly is determined to follow Shawn to The Bluff regardless of his shoddy equipment and less than enthused father and brother.

Zeke Tenhoff and Emily Riedel had success mining Hastings Creek last summer. Since then, Zeke cut ties with Emily, but until Zeke proves that there’s enough gold there to file an official claim, Hastings is open ground, waiting for whomever wants to race for the gold.

Determined to finally have a successful season at the helm, Emily hires two veteran divers who must get out to Hastings coordinates before Zeke. And if Hastings Creek is a bust, Zeke and Emily can always trek out to the rumored motherlode at The Bluff.

“Bering Sea Gold” airs its season premiere, Friday night August 11 beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission

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3 thoughts on “Shawn, ‘Mr. Gold’ Pomrenke’s Failure Is Everyone’s Gain: New Season ‘Bering Sea Gold’ (SNEAK PEEK)

  1. Hello, I’d like to know the real reason why (details if possible), after staking the bluff claim, seemingly on their own (Pomrenke’s). and into which a lot of effort was put from prior seasons, the Pomrenke’s lost it and it became open to all. Just watched the first season episode and no details. I realize the show narrative can’t get bogged down in details for obvious reasons but this place seems like a good place to understand what really happened. Thank you for an entertainnig show.

    • YYZ: Thanks for taking the time to comment. WE’ll put the question to Discovery Channel’s media relations staff to see if someone from the production company can explain. Perhaps they will as the season goes on, but it’s worth an inquiry. If we get anything back from them, it will be posted here.

  2. Still waiting for the answer to the question of WHY did Mr Gold get hosed out of his claim? I hope it wasn’t to make the show last longer.

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