Patient Lucy Wiese on Discovery's documentary "First in Human"

‘First in Human’ on DISCOVERY: Examines Ground Zero for Clinical Trials, and Brave Patients Who Enroll (VIDEO)

“First In Human” begins tonight, Thursday August 10 on Discovery, with a two-hour episode that introduces the viewing public to Building 10, at the National Institutes of Health. It’s the Clinical Center, the largest hospital in the world devoted solely to medical research. The most cutting edge clinical trials occur there and it is home to brilliant minds and courageous patients that enroll.

The series spans three Thursday nights (Aug 10, 17 and 24) as it follows four diverse patients participating in a “First in Human” trial – the initial time when a new therapy is tested in humans. Narrated by Emmy® award-winning actor Jim Parsons, also one of the executive producers, we learn why and when the NIH was created (see the preview clip posted below), and its significant role in finding ways to treat and cure diseases.

We’re told that the patients whose journeys are chronicled in “First In Human” have come with nothing to lose. In almost all cases they’ve been informed that all alternatives for treatment have been exhausted. “The NIH exists to create tomorrow’s medicine,” says Dr. Steven Rosenberg, MD, who in 1985 cured the first patient of cancer with immunotherapy – the training of one’s own immune system to fight his/her cancer.

“First in Human” was directed by Emmy® winner John Hoffman, who got permission to embed cameras in Building 10 for the first time as he followed patients throughout the entire trial. He was a trusted source, after spending almost twenty years in partnership with the NIH, working on award-winning projects that explored issues of obesity, Alzheimer’s sleep, as well as drug and alcohol addiction.

The series is produced by McGee Media for Discovery Channel.  The series is directed by John Hoffman; produced by, John Hoffman, Beth Wichterich, and Michael Epstein; narrated by, Jim Parsons; executive producers Dyllan McGee, Jim Parsons, Todd Spiewak, and Eric Norsoph; producer, Jon Bardin; supervising producer, Stacia Thompson; senior editor, Adriana Pacheco; director of photography, Simon Schneider. For Discovery Channel, supervising producer, Jon Bardin; executive producer, John Hoffman.

“First In Human” begins Thursday night August 10 on Discovery at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: Discovery Communications, used with permission

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